Photo of the day: May 21st 2010

Calgary, Canada mucho kisses dress; H&M $5 black vest; french connection $10 shoesies; value village $10 Love the cute little jacket and dress combo. Simple little tea party outfit set a Canadian business district. Kind of an Alice in Wonderland lost in New York feel to it.

Israeli Street Fashion Sets the Standard!

iLook Israel is the number one Israeli street fashion blog and a major contributor to the Street Fashion Worldwide flickr group. Please check out their site and give them some love! They feature some of most original street fashion I’ve seen, complimented by great photography. Every photo is taken with awesome backdrops, whether on purpose or coincidental, makes the photos awesome and compliments the styles even more. Go iLook! Some of my favorite creative designers from Israel, and Tel Aviv particularly has some major shopping opportunities – lots of young people, artists, travelers and fashion lovers fill the main shopping…