Men’s Nautical Winter Style

I’m feeling quite nautical lately, but then I’ve always been attracted to the sea. Not sunny beaches and warm surf, but ships on choppy waters, pirates and sea creatures of all kinds. This year I’m seeing Nautical Winter Style everywhere; stripes, dark blues and wool caps, and I wanted to share my favorite finds for men’s nautical winter styles so far. There were many to choose from but I picked the four that I liked the most. Etre Shop For men, there is a special collection of northern nautical at Etre Shop. Crafted in the British Isles, Etre knows what “sea fairing”…

Oprah’s Fluxus Nomad Scarf and Potentially My Neck.

Oprah Fluxus Nomad Scarf is this years hot item! Like 5 of my friends just bought the Fluxus Nomad scarf, I’ve been looking for one for a month now, and much to my surprise what really tipped them off on a great one was (while they sat around the house today, and I was working) they saw the think on Oprah. Now I’m not a fan. I haven’t seen her on TV since I was a little kid and she was much bustier and more horribly dressed but apparently she has some sound style advice from time to time. I won’t however be watching her show or anything.