Photo of the Day: Basic Garments by Doll Actitud

This great outfit caught my eye in the group today! Hi to all! It´s friday!!! Must be honest, and I have to say that although we bloggers in spring, wear sandals or without tights… is not right for a rainy day… Back to basics like trench, high boots and hat for leave home, I think in comfort. Hope you like basic outfits, because this is one of them! xoxo Basic Garments Thanks to:

Photos of the Day: Sailors in the Wake

As a little follow up to my “Men’s Nautical Winter” style blog, I couldn’t leave readers with the impression that women were not also in on this Wave. Nautical is always a little vintage with a lot of cool, you can wear new or original pieces, go international or native – while always looking worldly. Check out these Sailors from around the world! Russia by БРАТСТВО United Kingdom more at Boston By comicstriptease Wisconsin By Ms Midnight Maniac Spain By Marta Quílez

Photos of the day: Preppy Chic

When I was in high school it was never cool to be preppy, but “preppy” has taken on a whole new meaning over the years and become a really diverse and even retroesque style in itself. From button down chiffon to knitted grandpa cardigans, a whole new era of style, previously shunned by the hip, can now belong to us all. Chiffon and Water: Russia By Melnik Lena Daily dose: Toronto By pamlau São Paulo Prep by Lilian Larrañaga Freya Mavor: London by

Punk Rock Japan

I’ve never think of Japan when I think of punk rock and denim, but here it is! A new trend in Tokyo seems to be a bit of Americana. Maybe not as much as in the 80s when a pair of Levis 501’s would go for hundreds (as a kid I thought I’d make a living selling denim to Japan) on any given day or when one of the “coolest” things ever were tees and sweatshirts with Micky or Minnie Mouse on them. This might be a step in the right direction though, price and taste wise, not that I don’t…

Zombie Walk Fashion – Not to be ignored or killed

In celebration of our newest partner site, Zombie Freakfest, we wanted to post an honorary nod to Zombie Walk fashion. If you haven’t joined in a Zombie Walk yet, you should!  They are in cities all over the world and are a fun all ages march of a groaning Zombie army. Here are some of my favorite Zombie Walk pics from the group! Zombies! – Brazil By Schimou Beach of the Dead V Brighton Zombie Walk 2011 By Ptr Htn Zombie Walk – Anhangabaú, Brazil By Diego B. Rodrigues Urban Zombie, Bologna Italy By alain729 ♫ Check out Zombie Freakfest (new so bear with them!)…

Fall in the Netherlands

17th of October 2011 Asos oversized cardigan Dahlia midi dress and belt Mulberry Alexa satchel Dolce Vita wedges By DailyFashionBoost Ocre roses and sheer black Sheer H&M cape / vintage floral dress / Prada zipper bag / random scarf / Bagatt brogues by Double Knit From Dam Style, Street Fashion Netherlands

In the October Mood

Photographer – Lobach Victoria Make up artist Natali Voys Toronto Street Fashion | Twitter | Facebook For more Street fashion visit my blog : Martine in Norway Have it By chantel beam photography   Brick Lane London by Lou Eve Tokyo Tokyo Fashion San Francisco By knkoehlerphoto

Photos of the day: London Fashion Week

As always, London Fashion week was unabashedly british in both style and feel, many designers really pulling together some “Piccadilly Circus” style outfits, in the most literal meaning of the word “circus” (designers, Danielle Scutt, A Child of the Jago and Meadham Kirchhoff). Other designers really leaned towards androgyny, designing “Things that can be borrowed from a man to a woman and from a woman to a man.” as quoted by Irish designer, J.W. Anderson. To watch more, visit I can’t admit that I would wear all of the things some designers consider unisex but it’s an interesting style movement…