Miami Street Art, 2+ Square Blocks of Heaven

We have been in Miami for about a month now, before that the Everglades and all sorts of other places around the state since August, and after having a not so great time here adapting to the East Coast attitude.. , I was happy to hear that one of my favorite artist, Sonni, who moved to Miami from Argentina over a year ago, was back to painting walls here in the US! I hinted on facebook that I was in town and he should tell me where I can see his new work and the next day, a clue I…

12ozProphet found footage, Dirty Dozen in Brazil

For those of you who don’t know (don’t feel bad, they’re fairly new to me as well) The Dirty Dozen is an eclectic group of about 20 street artists, hipsters, fighters, writers and globetrotters. I stumbled on this clip while looking for street art collectives and was fortunate to find some South American footage from a trip 3 members, Os Gemeos, Raven and Sonic, took in 1997, attacking the streets of a city who knows street art as well as it does crime. Check out 12ozProphet to see more videos like this and learn things about the street art world…

First Thursday, From Radishes to Compounds

haven’t had a chance to go in a while but I was invited to check out the party going on at Radish Underground, a cute little boutique with a pretty great location on 10th st . Radish Underground was hosting a little party featuring Erhart Streetwear, a local, and totally awesome designer I just happen to speak about quite often.

Mexico City Street Art

While in Mexico City and surrounding towns, the people I was with, who live there, didn’t often understand my obsession with street art and fashion. Since they were driving this meant that they only stopped for me to take photos of these things when it was convenient for everyone – understandably since many neighborhoods were not the types you stop in or traffic and parking just didn’t allow that sort of thing. I basically mastered shooting from the car. Here’s a few shots of street art and tags i got – some walking, many from the car. These are all…

The Graffiti Backdrop

Some people say it’s too busy for street fashion photos but I love it. Then again, Im a little obsessed with street art so, it just mixes two things I love, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Cargado el 24 de febrero, 2009 por D I M O N A Cargado el 6 de marzo, 2009 por elward photography Rock On Cargado el 5 de noviembre, 2008 por Dazzle.