Men’s Accessories Take it up a Notch: Soul Reign Wallet Chains

Soul Reign Wallet Chains are a step up from the average rocker or hip hop inspired waller chain trend that’s been around since the grunge days. An awesome upgrade to the heavy, base metal chains of pockets of yore, Soul Reign utilizes natural elements, real stone beads, to add a bit of class to a previously industrial looking men’s accessories. Using stones like Tiger Eye (my favorite), Howlite, Labrodorite, and Onyx, these wallet chains are a great addition to any guys wardrobe who isn’t afraid to add a little flare. Wallet chains come in either a 18k gold or silver…

Artists RQM & REMED Collaborate on a unique 7″ experience

British artist, RQM has paired up with street artist REMED to give a unique touch to a limited edition run of 84 7″ records containing his newest release entitled COLORS FADE. The select 84 of the 100 limited edition 7″ records are individual pieces that make a single REMED painting, outlining the entire life span of a relationship – the story was inspired by the song COLORS FADE. Each 7″ is available for pre-order with an equally limited edition t-shirt (preorder).

The Originators

The music in the boom boxes, record players and 8 tracks of the past and the first graffiti on the streets and subways of New York mark the beginnings of a subculture many of us enjoy today. The Originators are in those boom boxes, on those records and arting up the walls of the past and we found someone first in line to honor their fine work, The Originators.