Gifts for the hard to please guy

I came up with a few suggestions based on my own shopping experiences today. These items are likely great for someone you know, especially those who are difficult to shop for.

Halloween is for fashionistas

I’m a huge Halloween fan, for more reasons than I can list but mainly the opportunity for creativity. Some of the clothes I love and have either no reason to wear most the year, or want to protect because I love them so much, I get to wear for Halloween. This Halloween, I didn’t get to do much of anything. My boyfriend was out of town with the car, I’m miles from the nearest bar, party.. anything, and I’m completely out of flour – so no Halloween Cupcakes!!! So, my only option was to make the best of it and…

Getting Excited About Easter

When I was really young, Easter was my favorite holiday. There were far more candies and colors at easter that I loved than at Halloween and I always had pet bunnies consistently, naming them things like Jellybean and Egghead. Then one fine year when I was 8, after a full day of coloring eggs and making cardboard feet for them so they could be placed around the house on tables and window sills (to greet the Easter Bunny), I accidentally caught our house on fire. We were all sleeping soundly by the time the fire started and our cat Binks…

Black Friday Sales we actually like!

Good one at Adorn online. Spend $50 and get $5 off with code BLACKFRI5 Spend $75 and get $10 off with code BLACKFRI10 Spend $150 and get $20 off with code BLACKFRI20 Go to // on the 27th of November only.. well you know.. Black Friday. The Archival: