Photo of the Day: Cute Style in China

There is always so much innovation coming out of China, yet a constant, deep appreciation for vintage style from around the world as well. Check out this adorable, simple, outfit that anyone can put together yet screams individuality. If you are looking for some great spring ideas, check out more style in China here:   //

Hong Kong Style From a Man Who Knows it Well

Matthew, who goes by SoMad in the flickr group, makes a serious statement with his huge wardrobe and cast variety of clothing. His Hong Kong Style goes from dapper, to kilted to street smart punk on a daily basis. He has so many style ideas, ones any guy could pull off, that you’ll never again say “men’s clothes is boring” (a preconception I’ve often had). SoMad proves again and again that the styles for men are as endless as for women if you’re willing to be a little daring and leave your comfort zone. Once you enter a new zone…