The Most Beautiful Retail Stores in the World

When traveling the world, it’s normal to do a bit of shopping.  This is especially true for those who are visiting large, cosmopolitan cities like New York, London, and Tokyo.  However, did you know that while shopping, you could actually be stepping foot into one of the most beautiful retail stores the world has to offer?  Some stores have taken interior design to the next level, and we’re going to take a look at a few of those in this article. 1. Thom Browne Flagship Store – Tokyo Since he first launched his label, Thom Browne has received worldwide acclaim…

Photo of the Day: Cute Style in China

There is always so much innovation coming out of China, yet a constant, deep appreciation for vintage style from around the world as well. Check out this adorable, simple, outfit that anyone can put together yet screams individuality. If you are looking for some great spring ideas, check out more style in China here:   //

Photos of the Day: Artist’s Style Make Me Smile

Drawing Flash By: iamjmiller Street Artist at Nathan Philip Square by rine.c Occupy Wall Street Sketch Artist BY: Rachel Citron Tattoo Artist: Miami Beach By punjikitty Painter Style, Hong Kong Painter Hat: Langham Place Gray Vest: H&M Bangle:Forever 21 Big Jewel Ring: H&M Pants: American Apparel, Spandex Jersey Harem Pant By nicolecolecole

BigMac-o-Nomics – Planning on Traveling Somewhere Soon?

Check out this clever insight into what things cost and where. It’s a comparison of countries economies based on a burger, something I don’t even eat but a single object that should cost the same everywhere none the less. I never understand Economics and always have trouble remembering what the dollar to peso, dollar to rupee ratio is. In this chart, Norway and Sweden are the two most expensive countries to visit, (or at least buy a burger in) and India and Hong Kong are the cheapest. Since I don’t eat meat, India sounds good to me since I’m fairly…