Men in Sweaters – Winter Street Fashion

My boyfriend says men don’t like sweaters and for the most part I think this is true, – but I didn’t think it would hurt to scrounge up some guys from the group. It was a challenge to find some but there are men out there who wear sweaters, and look good. London – Brick Lane Taken by Fish & Chic in the UK. uden navn Taken in Copenhagen, Denmark by Esben Bog Klee By madbharat taken in Piccadilly Circus, London, England Spectre By Mikael Georgiou in Whales Grey knit – Spitalfields Market Taken by xssat in the UK.

Fashion Capitals: Amsterdam vs Barcelona

They say fashions come and go, but the classics never go out of style. As we take a look at Barcelona and Amsterdam, two of the world’s biggest fashion capitals, it’s easy to see how. While the designs and materials change, the basic foundations remain the same, from the cool urban elegance of Barcelona to the eclectic vintage flair of Amsterdam. Each city holds internationally-renowned fashion events around the year, and each boasts an incredible selection of famous designers. But which city matches your style? Amsterdam The Style Amsterdam’s liberal atmosphere is reflected with pride in its fashion, and  those…