Lovelysally Leggings: Mega Legging Love

Getting over a leggings infatuation is like getting over the cuteness of kittens, no one just “does” that. I have been obsessed with great leggings since 2005 and you could practically call what I own an “collection” – leggings from around the world, sometimes as souvenir, and sometimes I just bought them online. Many of them have gotten worn out over time, usually through my own laziness while washing them properly, but many have survived the years and still look good as new. I prefer a nice cotton, almost pant-like legging, but there is always something to be said for…

Get Outside – every day you can

Earth Day By House Of Secrets Incorporated Goggles: customised vintaga welding goggles Hairflower: H&M Shawl: my own design, made it myself Waistcoat: my own design, made it myself Shirt: H&M Belts: Veritas and Moda Skirt: made it myself Petticoat: Dear Celine Stockings: Insua for Veritas Spats: my own design, made them myself Boots: Kickers Emily and her cute vintage style By Rhianne Jones Yellowstone National Park by Lost Kat Quicksilver Hoodie! Volcom Dress See you Monday Party Rock Aztec Leggings  :: 赤ロリ :: By Bunraku Doll

Holiday Party Dresses to Email home About

I’m way behind on my holiday party planning, especially what I’ll be wearing. I’m hoping I’ll get the perfect dress by New Years, but for Christmas, I think it’s an ugly sweater, skirt, leggings and tall boots kind of night this year. Checking out the group, I got some ideas for my new years plans though. The perfect dress can make my night in some ways, assuming I lay off the eggnog and try not to out-sing my uncle Phil (usually ends up in a scream-caroling match) – having on a great outfit makes me feel more confident and original….

Fashion Capitals: Amsterdam vs Barcelona

They say fashions come and go, but the classics never go out of style. As we take a look at Barcelona and Amsterdam, two of the world’s biggest fashion capitals, it’s easy to see how. While the designs and materials change, the basic foundations remain the same, from the cool urban elegance of Barcelona to the eclectic vintage flair of Amsterdam. Each city holds internationally-renowned fashion events around the year, and each boasts an incredible selection of famous designers. But which city matches your style? Amsterdam The Style Amsterdam’s liberal atmosphere is reflected with pride in its fashion, and  those…

Photo of the day, Oct 20th – Japan

Furry Hat & Big Bow in Shibuya Took a photo of this Japanese girl at Shibuya Crossing. The parts of her outfit that first caught my attention were her furry hat with a huge bow, torn striped stockings, and fur boots or heels with fur leg warmers (which are very popular right now in Tokyo). This is part of a series of random street snaps I’m shooting during JFW. By tokyofashion

Win Free Leggings! Always good.

Yes, always good when all you have to do is upload a photo of yourself wearing leggings. I uploaded this one. It’s old but it seemed the most legging worthy that showed my face. The contest is by HUE NYC a well known pantyhose company taking a leap into the leggings world with gusto. The winners, 20 a day will get a free pair of black leggings just for uploading a photo and getting picked. Anyone with a good photo is bound to win and the leggings in the photo don’t have to be Hue leggings of course.  Give it a…