Photos of the Day: Sailors in the Wake

As a little follow up to my “Men’s Nautical Winter” style blog, I couldn’t leave readers with the impression that women were not also in on this Wave. Nautical is always a little vintage with a lot of cool, you can wear new or original pieces, go international or native – while always looking worldly. Check out these Sailors from around the world! Russia by БРАТСТВО United Kingdom more at Boston By comicstriptease Wisconsin By Ms Midnight Maniac Spain By Marta Quílez

Photo of the Day: More Than Two Kinds of Ships Sail This Sea

A ship at sea is an awesome thing to see or be on, and this summer keep in mind how hot and available nautical and :yacht: style is. It’s easier than you think, wear some color, wear comfortable clothes and if you find something sheer, even better! Check out these looks that could easily go sea worthy. By MERI WILD ♥ – FACEBOOK and MERI WILD BLOG By Cameron Adams By geldenkirchen Wear it with: Yacht Baby Malibu Zip Hoodie SWIMS Loafers Tumi Sunglasses in Thatched Octopus Ring in Silver! Bow to Stern Scarf in Dots