New City page: New Orleans Street Fashion

During my travels, I’ve been staying in New Orleans the longest of any US city so far. I have to say it is lacking in obvious signs of awesome fashion but upon closer inspection the subculture here is strong. Theres tons of vintage clothing shops, less shops with new styles but an endless supply of priceless and irreplaceable retro wear makes up for most of that. Check out the page here: New Orleans, Louisiana Street Fashion

New Orleans

left out, originally uploaded by Katya Killer of Light. Street art on Magazine Street in New Orleans. This town is pretty great. Lots of great style, if your in the right neighbourhood. On one end of town you have the areas devastated (and still are) by Katrina and on the other you have hip latte drinking hipsters. The south is really interesting that way. The crime rate is high and just walking to the store in the neighbourhood I’m staying in can be nerve racking. Groups of men with tear drop tattoos (traditionally prison tattoos) and being the only white…