How to Travel in Style Through the Streets of Paris

Paris in the summer is a true sight to behold. Whether you are visiting for the incredible food or the incredibly chic fashion, it is important to keep in mind a few simple tips for effortless travel Parisian style, of course. 1. Skip the Taxis and Take a Walk When you’ve got a jam­-packed schedule of things to do and sights to see, it can be easy to flag down a taxi everywhere you go. However, to do so would be to miss out on what true Paris is like, and this can only be done on foot. Slow down;…

City Wonders’ Top Romantic Hot Spots and Tours of Paris

City Wonders offers first class tours of beautiful, historic cities like you can’t see them on your own. At the top of my wishlist would have to be Paris, a city I hope to explore for days on end sometime soon. I love the architecture, culture, quaint and delicate deserts and the miles of walkable parks and trails. Combine a visit to Paris with this tour and a bicycle tour from Fat Tire, and you’ve got the most memorable trip you could possibly imagine. The only thing that could make it even better is a stay in the Paris Catacombs….

Paris Fashion Week 2011 Picks

(This awesome style maverick belongs on Advanced Style) Photos by F.B.O. Farid Bernat-Ortells See more at All in all Paris Fashion Week looked pretty great except for the fact that fur is still really popular right now, which makes me want to barf… I choose some of my favorites from the group in the best taste possible. Enjoy!

Paper Wallet Designer Series are Here!

Finally! We wrote a blog post about Paper Wallets back in April (here), anxiously awaiting their designer series (not that their solids aren’t great), and they informed us of their release this week! If you didn’t read it, you can, or heres a run down: Paper Wallets is a company dedicated to eco solutions, and innovation. Their thin “paper” wallets are durable, water resistant, flexible and spacious. They wont tear without a beating, or bulk up your already tight ass pants. YET, they have as much room as most any common wallet and allow their user to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle,…

Photo of the day: July 14th 2010

Summer in Paris “Comment chic! Vous ne pensez pas? It’s just laid back, effortless style at it’s best. The black jeans and sandals are perfect with the tee and faded denim shirt and the round sunglasses give it a quirky edge. This is a great look, but it’s not totally unique. I could easily imagine (and have seen) numerous very similar outfits trotting down high street Ken, but there’s just something about this girl that makes her ensemble look so much cooler than those of her doppelgangers. It could be her perfect semi-bed-head ‘do, the art portfolio she had under…

Photo of the day – March 5th

This is my first blog on my iPhone and so far it’s going pretty smoothly. I’ve been sick all week but finally got some shopping done today at Buffalo Exchange in New Orleans and have a bustling calendar of blogs on the way. here’s my favorite photo of the day! have a good Friday or Saturday! whatever the timezone may be!