Color Madness: A Little Bright on a Cloudy Day

As a follow up to my “I LOVE BLACK” festival yesterday (because I really love black) I had to remind people that although black is basically the best thing ever, adding even once piece of color can make a really striking outfit, or even balancing out a colorful outfit with black accessories can say volumes about how cool you are. It’s cloudy here today, in ARIZONA, go figure.. so, it reminded me of brighter days and some of my favorite outfits from the group this week. Atlanta Street Fashion By Franz-Michael S. Mellbin By tokyofashion By viva31 jacket from statement necklace from…

Photos of the Day: Plaid is not Passé

Plaid has gotten a bad reputation in some places. For example, in the US, many people associate it with farmers, rednecks and “girl next door” types but I wear it, and so do tons of other people who don’t let stigmas over a fabric pattern determine their style! Here are a few people from the group who appreciate a good plaid! Swedish Plaid By vitamininmotion , here Autumn Plaid By Ms Midnight Maniac Toronto Photo by Pam Lau at Midwest Kilt By Owt N Abowt Melrose Ave London By alain729 ♫

Photos of the Day: Eye Contact Optional

Not everyone notices their photo being taken, and not everyone wants to make direct eye contact with the camera. I think an element of shy whimsy is great in street fashion photography. Here are a few of my favorites! NYC Park By takinyerphoto A romantic look for a special anniversary By contradictionofsorts   At Shibuya Station By Brandon Woo

Photo of the day – March 5th

This is my first blog on my iPhone and so far it’s going pretty smoothly. I’ve been sick all week but finally got some shopping done today at Buffalo Exchange in New Orleans and have a bustling calendar of blogs on the way. here’s my favorite photo of the day! have a good Friday or Saturday! whatever the timezone may be!

Israeli Street Fashion Sets the Standard!

iLook Israel is the number one Israeli street fashion blog and a major contributor to the Street Fashion Worldwide flickr group. Please check out their site and give them some love! They feature some of most original street fashion I’ve seen, complimented by great photography. Every photo is taken with awesome backdrops, whether on purpose or coincidental, makes the photos awesome and compliments the styles even more. Go iLook! Some of my favorite creative designers from Israel, and Tel Aviv particularly has some major shopping opportunities – lots of young people, artists, travelers and fashion lovers fill the main shopping…