Photos of the Day: Plaid is not Passé

Plaid has gotten a bad reputation in some places. For example, in the US, many people associate it with farmers, rednecks and “girl next door” types but I wear it, and so do tons of other people who don’t let stigmas over a fabric pattern determine their style! Here are a few people from the group who appreciate a good plaid! Swedish Plaid By vitamininmotion , here Autumn Plaid By Ms Midnight Maniac Toronto Photo by Pam Lau at Midwest Kilt By Owt N Abowt Melrose Ave London By alain729 ♫

Katy Perry Photos for GHD by David LaChapelle

Katy Perry is the new celeb representative for GHD Hair, a UK company with a world renowned reputation and celebrity draw.  Aside from the shameless promotion of a company I’ve never heard of, I was drawn to the marriage of Perry and GHD because of the photos. As celebrities go, I have to say I actually like Katy Perry’s style quite a bit and like her TV appearances I catch from time to time, the new photos for GHD Hair really caught my eye. I was especially exceited when I heard that the photos were shot by David LaChapelle . I first saw LaChapelle’s work at MOMA when I…

Photo of the day: May 21st 2010

Calgary, Canada mucho kisses dress; H&M $5 black vest; french connection $10 shoesies; value village $10 Love the cute little jacket and dress combo. Simple little tea party outfit set a Canadian business district. Kind of an Alice in Wonderland lost in New York feel to it.

Photo of the day: May 19th 2010

Two photos today actually but from the same member. One is more casual, much more casual, like, “I’m going to wear a combo of things I like and what comes out isn’t my fault (that’s a good thing)” and the other is a little more “shopping in the market and getting a coffee”. I love them both so I couldnt pick just one. Check out Mochachocolata-Rita! hat = H&M shades = cotton on tee = uniqlo pants = maple shoes = no brand, fa yuen st market hat = kwai chung plaza tank top = giordano lace top = fa…

Photo of the day: May 15th 2010

Los Angeles, CA 100% Thrifted! by corazones rojos I love the dress! Kind of a baby doll meets BeetleJuice’s Lydia Deetz. The Jacket is great too, although looking at it makes me sweat and tear up. It’s already up to 90 down here in the gulf. Worse, 90 and coated in oil. Good job corazones rojos!