Isaac Hers Releases Spring Line and Fall Peek

Isaac Hers designer, Barbara Seipp, found inspiration for the Fall 2011 collection in the Oregon high desert. Its natural beauty and serenity have been a great source of relaxation and spiritual connectedness for Barbara, as she spends a lot of time there with here family. The Fall 2011 collection combines the colors, beauty and essence of the high desert to create a feeling and connection to this rural culture and its history

PDX Collective Sale, Local Boutique Expo – Don’t Miss Out!

Just wanted to announce the PDX Collective Sale that is going on in Portland, Oregon January 22nd and 23rd! It goes on twice a year and is an excellent chance to get to know boutiques in Portland, their owners and find awesome prices on all their swag! Boutiques like Parts + Labour, Pin-Me Apparel,  Lizard Lounge, Radish Underground, Gypsy Chic, Suite 6, Bubble and SheShe + Seaworthy will me bringing their original and best clothing to show you and your friends at the Ace Hotel! Check it out if you get a chance! Get out of the rain and stock…

First Thursday, From Radishes to Compounds

haven’t had a chance to go in a while but I was invited to check out the party going on at Radish Underground, a cute little boutique with a pretty great location on 10th st . Radish Underground was hosting a little party featuring Erhart Streetwear, a local, and totally awesome designer I just happen to speak about quite often.

Cant beat it

A relaxed boyishly cute style I saw on my way from the train back home. As usual there’s always someone dressed awesomely on their way to the mall. Surprising to me because I never thought anyone dressed great would be going to or coming from the mall but it seems to happen allot. Elena here had a style I don’t see much in Portland and I really apreciated her creativity, hope to see more thtoughout the summer!

Summer weather and the freedom to wear what you want

Had a busy day today, just got back from another trip to the California desert Tuesday and Im already behind on school work again. I went to Backspace for coffee to read for a class, then ended up spending money on a blogging book too, then a soldering iron to work on my new necklaces which are awesome and you will want 10 of. On my way from the train to my apartment I pass the local mall and once in a while I’ll see some awesomely dressed person walking the same way. Today it was Cloudy. Unspeakably awesome style….

Portland’s First Warm Week!

Portland had its first semi-consistent week of sun and (near) warmth! A visit from out of town and tolerable weather got me on the street again! and where else to take an out of town friend than Hawthorne Street (first of many neighborhoods to see). Hawthorne can can get a bit overcrowded on weekends, but luckily we roamed around on a Wednesday. Weekdays offer more space to breath, less people to compete with at stores and a better chance of finding room or time to stop someone and ask them for a photo. Also, with the excellent weather, and hopefully…