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ModCloth Pop-Up Store to Arrive in Portland this July

As part of its In-Real-Life (IRL) tour, popular online retailer ModCloth will be opening a brick and mortar store during the month of July at Pioneer Place Mall. As ModCloth continues to expand with its loyal following of fashion-forward women, the Portland pop-up shop will showcase ModCloth’s unique indie and vintage-inspired styles and bring ModCloth’s online community to life. The third stop on its five-city IRL tour, Portland was an obvious choice as it’s one of the retailer’s top-performing cities. Portland’s culture seamlessly…

Accessories travel

Portland Made, North St Duffle Bags and Packs for Your Next Adventure

North St bags, based in Portland, Oregon, is known for manufacturing quality and durable products. They’ve been making bicycle and travel essentials for a while now and have yet to disappoint their fans.  They recently announced their new line of duffle bags in three sizes, The Scout 11 which doubles as a discrete cycling handlebar bag, Scout 14, a mid size bag perfect for the weekend warrior and the Scout 21 for the long excursions. Adventure travelers continue to search for the happy medium…

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Paper Wallet, a Fashionable Earth Day Solution!

No one can deny that everyone is getting really serious about eco friendly style and something that goes hand in hand with eco-fashion these days, is simplicity. Just in time for earth day and in the spirit of saving money (only $9-$13.50 with my promo code streetfashion) and the planet, Paper Wallet is my choice for 2010. Paper Wallet proves you don’t have to be a hippie to be eco friendly. I spent the last 10 years in Portland,…


Dunny Release Parties!

For the Portland Area. Missing Link on Hawthorne (www.missinglinktoys.com) is having one September 9th. But take a look at this flyer, if you can read it (click it to enlarge) to find your state. This is important so don't miss it if you're near!…


First Thursday, From Radishes to Compounds

haven't had a chance to go in a while but I was invited to check out the party going on at Radish Underground, a cute little boutique with a pretty great location on 10th st . Radish Underground was hosting a little party featuring Erhart Streetwear, a local, and totally awesome designer I just happen to speak about quite often.…


Portland: July 7th

Japanese Tourists and Students are some of the best dressed in Portland Gresham max new school not quite hot enough outside for me, I did take the coat off though eventually.…

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Long Distance Fashion: Mexico

2 weeks in Mexico showed me a few things, mostly good food and brightly colored signs but also some great fashion here and there. Mainly Ed Hardy and Nike at blow out prices but also a little bit of Americana hometown designers like Erhart Design showed up (thanks to me). Raul at Tepoztlan Mexico after a 2 hour hike up a mountain to a Pyramid that was closed! Scarf style Skirtish style Here’s my friend Raul and me with…


Lloyd Center Mall

I was shopping at Forever21, my new favorite cheap-as-hell place to get brightly colored things and had to ask these two totally awesome employees for their photo.Glad I did! I really liked his style because it was a little mix of old and new, plus he had interesting hair, a risk most guys dont seem to bother with.Great shoes and glasses, fairly basic shirt and pants put to good use, well fitted and accessorized just right! I saw Mary…

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Finals week~

I really wish I had more time to post but I’m consistently overwhelmed by homework and actual paying work. I could really use some help! Any of you writers out there have a scene, style or art form you’d like blog about let me know! Till then, you’ll just have to wait till Finals are over, then I’ll be on the road taking pictures around the west coast so keep an eye out! Here’s a recap of my week…