Photos of the Day: Black is the New Black

Black will always be my favorite “color” – always. When my teachers would tell me “Black isn’t a color” I would reply, “well, then I don’t have one, I like black”, much to their disappointment.  As years went by I grew to like other colors, gold, yellow, hot pink… but they were always accompanied by black. My boots are always black, my coats are always black, but everything in between is allowed a little more leeway. I do prefer grey jeans to blue ones and most of my favorite t-shirts are black, but I try and bring a little color…

Photo of the day: StPetersburg, Narvskie

By smolnikov_ Really amazing dress and purse! Wish I could find out more about them. Thanks Russia! And to all my Russian readers, please share some shops you buy cool clothes at and some local blogs! I want to make a StPetersburg or Moscow page (preferably both). спасибо!