VOTE! Photos of the day: Keep The Flag in Fashion!

I’ve been through a few elections now and I’ve been an American* forever. I have also lived in another country when George W. Bush was president and I know how different the world is, outside the US, when the whole world hates your president. In my apartment building in Buenos Aires, I literally had neighbours who would not ride the elevator with me because of my nationality. No regard for who I voted for or the fact that I had at least left the US, just pure distaste for the U.S., and by default, me. I also got my first…

Oprah’s Fluxus Nomad Scarf and Potentially My Neck.

Oprah Fluxus Nomad Scarf is this years hot item! Like 5 of my friends just bought the Fluxus Nomad scarf, I’ve been looking for one for a month now, and much to my surprise what really tipped them off on a great one was (while they sat around the house today, and I was working) they saw the think on Oprah. Now I’m not a fan. I haven’t seen her on TV since I was a little kid and she was much bustier and more horribly dressed but apparently she has some sound style advice from time to time. I won’t however be watching her show or anything.