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Blogger Feature: Tres Awesome, Chicago Street Style

I’ve yet to visit Chicago myself but I love the designers, shops and style that comes out of that city. I am constantly surprised by the diversity and cohabitation of urban style and vintage style from this historic city, and am tempted to visit just to go on a people watching and shopping tour every time I find a new Chicago blog. Tres Awesome is a particularly fun street fashion blog, roaming the streets with a keen eye for…

Simpel Slap Watches!

Simpel Watches With a Timeless Kick

The folks at Simpel have certainly come up with something genius in the form of their Simple Switch Watch! Their take on the timeless timepiece perfectly captures and encapsulates the zeitgeist of yesteryear, the ’80s slap bracelet’ and the ‘switch and mix’ watches – two things I cherished greatly as a ratty banged 80s kid. The watch itself emulates the classic slap bracelet that we all have no doubt attempted to emblazon upon our wrists at some point or…