The EOS Mixtape Watch

This watch is awesome, and already at the top of my wishlist (which I shamefully sent to all my family already). I tried a couple years ago to make some jewelry out of mini tapes from old answering machines, and wasn’t too successful in making them look as awesome as I’d imagined. EOS however, did,  just by making their own rather than trying to get sticky label glue off of them while trying to manage 300 yards of tape ribbon with 5 cats in the room. The Black EOS Mixtape Watch and the Tokidoki Mixtape Watch are probably the best…

Win $150 Gift Card at Shop Adorn

The contest is going on until the 10th of  this month and all you have to do is play around in Polyvore. Well it’s slightly more complicated, you have to pick 6 items from that you would or could mix and match for an entire month and arrange them into an interesting Polyvore set. Polyvore is like Kaboodle and Kaboodle and Polyvore are like fashion scrapbooking. To enter or find out more check out their facebook page where the contest will take place. // Remember, it ends the 10th!