Perfecting Office Wear for Women

Getting dressed for work doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your personality. It doesn’t have to be black skirts and buttoned up shirts and there is scope to include some of your personal style in the office without going over the top.  The wrong fashions can negatively impact on your career but the majority of your decisions are probably on the ball. Below are some hints and tips for perfecting office wear. Perfect Polish If you work in an office its important you look polished and professional. You need to present a competent and confident image to your colleagues…

Simpel Watches With a Timeless Kick

The folks at Simpel have certainly come up with something genius in the form of their Simple Switch Watch! Their take on the timeless timepiece perfectly captures and encapsulates the zeitgeist of yesteryear, the ’80s slap bracelet’ and the ‘switch and mix’ watches – two things I cherished greatly as a ratty banged 80s kid. The watch itself emulates the classic slap bracelet that we all have no doubt attempted to emblazon upon our wrists at some point or another. The thing with these watches is that they’re far less likely to end up underneath the sofa bed and be…

Photo of the Day: Simple Southern Summer

corduroy and silk vintage silk blouse – nashville flea market corduroy high waist skirt, vintage watch – american apparel vintage two tone purse – thrifted brown and black sweater cuff boots – urban outfitters photos taken at the war memorial in downtown nashville by neil. By bloomingleopold – Lauren Winter

K.!.S.S. in the Summer Heat

I like things a little complicated. You’ll probably never see me without an armful of accessories but the last few days have been hot enough to just run around in spandex and tank tops. Heres a few people from the group who know how to Keep It Simple (stupid) = K.I.S.S. by Kyle P. by K0ffin by comicstriptease by Krist Papas It was 108 here yesterday! Stay cool xx