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GenJuice: The Blog Lover’s and Cool Hunter’s Haven

If you Love blogs as much as I do and you think the world needs to know about the ones you love or write, a great place to collect, read and display them is at GenJuice. I’m new to the site and so far love it! For me it’s been like a social media site for blogs – a place where people can share their interests and support for other bloggers or blogs they love, without all the drama…

The Sartorial-Twist!
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The Sartorial-Twist!

Everyone has probably heard of  The Sartorialist but who ever thought there would be a truly creative break in it’s high brow style? The Sartorial-Twist is a great new site that breaks up images from The Sartorialist website and puts them back together into exciting new, creative ensembles. Since I’m not really the NY Shopping district type, and prefer my bargin bin creations over Dolce and Gabbana, I must prefer The Sartorial- Twist to the original. Lets just hope the Sartorialist…

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Blog Find: Vista La Calle Santiago, Chile

Looking around for some new street fashion blogs from Milan, with no luck, we found the well established VLC (Viste la Calle) from Santiago, Chile. Use google chrome if you must to translate the site but in general, street fashion goes beyond language and that’s why I love it so much. VLC includes a gallery of street fashion photos, great blogs on the fashion world, trends and inspiration (you may need chrome for this part) and all from a…