Sustainable Jewelry Habits

The jewelry industry is a big polluter. The mining of precious metals and gemstones can have a devastating impact on the environment, from water pollution to deforestation. And the manufacturing process for new jewelry can also be harmful, using toxic chemicals and producing a lot of waste. That’s why buying antique jewelry is a more ethical and sustainable choice. When you buy antique jewelry, you’re not contributing to the environmental damage caused by mining and manufacturing. You’re also giving a new life to a piece of jewelry that might otherwise have been discarded. Here are some of the specific environmental…

Photo of the Day: Basic Garments by Doll Actitud

This great outfit caught my eye in the group today! Hi to all! It´s friday!!! Must be honest, and I have to say that although we bloggers in spring, wear sandals or without tights… is not right for a rainy day… Back to basics like trench, high boots and hat for leave home, I think in comfort. Hope you like basic outfits, because this is one of them! xoxo Basic Garments Thanks to:

Color Madness: A Little Bright on a Cloudy Day

As a follow up to my “I LOVE BLACK” festival yesterday (because I really love black) I had to remind people that although black is basically the best thing ever, adding even once piece of color can make a really striking outfit, or even balancing out a colorful outfit with black accessories can say volumes about how cool you are. It’s cloudy here today, in ARIZONA, go figure.. so, it reminded me of brighter days and some of my favorite outfits from the group this week. Atlanta Street Fashion By Franz-Michael S. Mellbin By tokyofashion By viva31 jacket from statement necklace from…

Amsterdam Street Fashion Contest – UK Residents, Style Yourself and Win!

I’m excited to announce the first contest of its kind on – a chance for our UK readers and bloggers to win a 4-star minibreak in Amsterdam for 2 (accommodation + flights), a shopping fund of £150 to spend when you get there, and a cocktail experience at the House of Bols cocktail bar!  (UK Residents, 18 and over) The competition starts with street fashion, specifically, your best attempt at dressing like some of the stylish Dutch people. To help you get some ideas, I’ve dressed up myself and had a great time picking out items based on my favorite Dutch members of the…

Photos of the Day: London Street Fashion Summer

London is often a source of fashion inspiration for us and we can’t wait to visit there soon! There are always tons of Londoners wearing original and trend settings styles all year round, sometimes inspired by fashion in history, sometimes inspired by current trends, London Street Fashion is always fresh! Unless of course you walk around some small town outside of London, then it’s a toss up (haha). I’m especially partial to the first outfit in this edition. The color combo, the jacket, the pants and the sheer bodysuit are soo this year, as are the second pic with the…

Photos of the Day: Out and about in style

I love people watching, though I usually don’t have the guts to walk up to people and just take their photo. I feel like they’ll be offended and I’m not sure I have the skills to make them feel otherwise – but I always appreciate a good candid, someone mid laugh, smile, daydream… Here are some of my favorite smilers and daydreamers from this week in the group. Travelin’ Girl By jonron239 Phone booth By mindolee She and her dog By tokyohatguy Sipalou Road call By alex robertson

Photos of the Week: Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Alive in Street Style

I’ve always wanted to move to Australia. Since I was a little kid reading nature and travel books, to an adult looking into emmigration (and finding it’s too expensive at this time), I have looked at the continent like a Lost World of strange and fascinating animals, landscape, people and places and somewhere I could never possibly bore of. I’ve always been drawn to danger and adventure and having to look our for crocodiles while canoeing or running out of gas halfway to Alice Springs (center of the country) sounds fun to me.  I like that sort of things but that’s just me….

Zombie Walk Fashion – Not to be ignored or killed

In celebration of our newest partner site, Zombie Freakfest, we wanted to post an honorary nod to Zombie Walk fashion. If you haven’t joined in a Zombie Walk yet, you should!  They are in cities all over the world and are a fun all ages march of a groaning Zombie army. Here are some of my favorite Zombie Walk pics from the group! Zombies! – Brazil By Schimou Beach of the Dead V Brighton Zombie Walk 2011 By Ptr Htn Zombie Walk – Anhangabaú, Brazil By Diego B. Rodrigues Urban Zombie, Bologna Italy By alain729 ♫ Check out Zombie Freakfest (new so bear with them!)…

Fall in the Netherlands

17th of October 2011 Asos oversized cardigan Dahlia midi dress and belt Mulberry Alexa satchel Dolce Vita wedges By DailyFashionBoost Ocre roses and sheer black Sheer H&M cape / vintage floral dress / Prada zipper bag / random scarf / Bagatt brogues by Double Knit From Dam Style, Street Fashion Netherlands