Photos of the day: London Fashion Week

As always, London Fashion week was unabashedly british in both style and feel, many designers really pulling together some “Piccadilly Circus” style outfits, in the most literal meaning of the word “circus” (designers, Danielle Scutt, A Child of the Jago and Meadham Kirchhoff). Other designers really leaned towards androgyny, designing “Things that can be borrowed from a man to a woman and from a woman to a man.” as quoted by Irish designer, J.W. Anderson. To watch more, visit I can’t admit that I would wear all of the things some designers consider unisex but it’s an interesting style movement…

A Bagslag’s Dream!

I was recently contacted by this company as I often am, but what stood out first was their name. Bagslag is one of the most clever names I’ve heard in a while for a company, especially a bag company. I haven’t actually seen a bagslag bag but aside from the name being so clever, their designs are pretty clever as well.