5 Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping Vintage Online

Featured Image credit: lostin1950.blogspot.com Vintage shopping can be an arduous task, but there’s a way around the sneeze-inducing flea market hunting—online shopping! However, you’ve got to play it smart to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Don’t miss these tips when you’re shopping vintage online: Image credit: fashionflashbacks.weebly.com Know Your History: Quality, Design, Label: Vintage is all about history’s hidden treasures. When it’s time to shop, it’s good to have somewhat solid knowledge that will help you along the way.Determining when the dress was made will give you information on its materials and quality. For instance, a lot of…

Feeling Vintage – Movie Star Style, Thrift Store Grace

Vintage fashion never really goes out of style (as you probably noticed). Whether it’s just one piece you wear, an entire ensemble or merely the setting you surround yourself with in a photo, no one can deny the appeal of the vintage look. Perhaps, like me, you forgot it even existed after a couple years of getting sucked into online shopping – but it thrives still. The draw of vintage may be the appeal of dressing like someone else, someone exciting from a film perhaps, or maybe it’s just the joy of bringing life to old items of clothing –…

Blogger Feature: Tres Awesome, Chicago Street Style

I’ve yet to visit Chicago myself but I love the designers, shops and style that comes out of that city. I am constantly surprised by the diversity and cohabitation of urban style and vintage style from this historic city, and am tempted to visit just to go on a people watching and shopping tour every time I find a new Chicago blog. Tres Awesome is a particularly fun street fashion blog, roaming the streets with a keen eye for individuality and this summer, taking their Chicago eyes to music festivals around the country.  If you need to feed your street…

Get Outside – every day you can

Earth Day By House Of Secrets Incorporated Goggles: customised vintaga welding goggles Hairflower: H&M Shawl: my own design, made it myself Waistcoat: my own design, made it myself Shirt: H&M Belts: Veritas and Moda Skirt: made it myself Petticoat: Dear Celine Stockings: Insua for Veritas Spats: my own design, made them myself Boots: Kickers Emily and her cute vintage style By Rhianne Jones Yellowstone National Park by Lost Kat Quicksilver Hoodie! Volcom Dress See you Monday Party Rock Aztec Leggings  :: 赤ロリ :: By Bunraku Doll

Gifts for the hard to please guy

I came up with a few suggestions based on my own shopping experiences today. These items are likely great for someone you know, especially those who are difficult to shop for.