Street Fashion Trends 2015: 4 Tips for Staying Chic This Winter

Image Source: Pixabay The dreary winter’s finally here! Apart from exuding the winter blues, this time of the year can feel like a drag. You don’t even feel like getting out of bed, let alone dressing up. But, fret not for certain simple wardrobe changes will ensure that the gloomy winter does not get in the way of you dressing chic. Keeping up with your appearance during the dull frosty weather can be an uphill battle. However, by putting in a tad bit more effort, dressing up during the inclement weather won’t seem difficult anymore. One look at the pictures…

My Autumn Picks For Everyone On The Spring Shopping App

I just moved to Colorado. Land of aspen leaves in the fall and tons of snow in the winter, I need some new clothes and fast! While sitting on my phone last night, trying to shop, and ending up at the same old t-shirt sites I go to every summer, I realized I needed to rethink shopping for a while. I searched around the app store on my android phone and found the Spring shopping app! You can shop over 800 brands, for men and women, from all price ranges, boutique to couture, I’m in love. I made an impromptu list of…

Photos of the Day: Cold Weather Abound, Style is Found

Fashion bloggers all over the northern hemisphere are feeling the chill and finding striking winter styles everywhere. I personally haven’t been shopping in a while, recovering from post holiday-shopping hangover, but hopefully I’ll be back at it soon, out in the cold weather, suffering with the rest of you! Anyone know a good shopping hangover remedy? January Reds by Black tux by BIG Cardigan Southern Winter Atlanta Street Fashion Finland

Cold Pressed Fashion – Snow Days

Some people in the US might be getting some spring time weather, especially if they’re in the south, but much of the northern hemisphere is still knee deep or more in miles and piles of the fluffy, white, beautiful mess called snow. I just spent some time knee deep in the white stuff gathering kindling for tonight’s fire, and we recently had some major snowy wind storms take out half the state’s electricity, but, I can’t really complain. I love the pure, milky white, plains and mountains of snow surrounding me, and as long as I have a nice warm…

Men in Sweaters – Winter Street Fashion

My boyfriend says men don’t like sweaters and for the most part I think this is true, – but I didn’t think it would hurt to scrounge up some guys from the group. It was a challenge to find some but there are men out there who wear sweaters, and look good. London – Brick Lane Taken by Fish & Chic in the UK. uden navn Taken in Copenhagen, Denmark by Esben Bog Klee By madbharat taken in Piccadilly Circus, London, England Spectre By Mikael Georgiou in Whales Grey knit – Spitalfields Market Taken by xssat in the UK.