Tel Aviv, go there.

I once had a chance to move to Tel Aviv, but under the circumstances it was not   the right time or for the right reasons. It’s an amazing city, modern, diverse, interesting and full of   people and things to take photos of. A recent contributor trapped me for nearly an hour in his photostream looking at photos from Tel Aviv and other places he’d traveled. His photos not only make me want to go even more urgently, but also inspire me to get out of the house and seek out intersting things in my city (unfortuinately I live in Oregon at the moment so I have doubts I’ll find much more than raver kids). His work shows an amazing fearlessness in his candid street photography, documenting and complimenting Tel Aviv style and city life. Take a look at the photos below and visit his flickr here –seriousclown – !


If you get a chance, check out his other photos. Inspiring I say, inspiring!

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