Ten Tips for Buying the Best Underwear

Have you ever spent money on underwear only to find it doesn’t fit well while making you feel very uncomfortable? If you want to end this, you have to look at the different features of men’s underwear. There are many men out there struggling to find the right underwear that fits comfortably. Underwear is one thing; but you shouldn’t underrate! Here are ten tips you can consider making life more comfortable down there.


You can find different sizes of underwear available at the local store. Many manufacturers across the globe make the standard sized waist. The mode in which the underwear fits mostly depends on the brand. To know the best size, it’s best to purchase one or two pairs before buying more. You can use them to determine the perfect size and fit. The most common underwear sizes include S, M, and L. The S designation features a waistline of 28-30 inches, M designation is 32-34 inches, and the L designation is 36-38 inches respectively.


According to Arizona Foothills Magazine, one of the challenging tasks in choosing the best underwear is the quality of the fabric. Men’s underwear comes in a variety of materials, and these include cotton, nylon, spandex, silk, Lycra, spandex, and polyester among others. When buying underwear, your preference matters in selecting the fabric type. Silk underwear is recommended while sleeping or resting because they are cool against the skin and lightweight. While cotton boxers provide the best choice for a long day wearing as they provide breathability and comfort throughout the day. Spandex, on the contrary, is the best option when you are exercising for long or if you are engaging in strenuous activity.

Men's Underwear StyleClimate

The weather in your place is also an important factor in determining the type of underwear you can buy. It is best to choose cotton underwear, especially for humid and hot areas. For those living in cold regions, it is better to opt for a wool blend. Based on the intensity of your activity, you can choose Lycra; for work choose cotton and while sleeping, nylon or silk is the best option. Either way, when purchasing your underwear, find fabric that suits you.


When shopping for underwear, you can see there are many styles and graphics to choose. Don’t be afraid to experiment. The good thing is with a smart approach you can get the best underwear fit that’s comfy throughout the day. The underwear styles vary ranging from boxers, briefs, thongs, and boxer briefs among others.


It is a popular option for most men. Briefs provide comfort and are a perfect fit. Traditional briefs have an elastic waistband, full rear coverage, Y-shaped front fly, and four inches of fabric, which provides full coverage. These briefs come in a wide array of designs, and these include normal waist, mid-rise, and low-rise. Mid-rise briefs according to Ask Men sit two inches below the waist, lower rise sits three inches below the waistline, and the regular size rests on the standard waistline – whichever type suits you, briefs provide excellent support.


For those who have not tried boxers, you are missing something special. Boxers are free and comfy while providing freedom of movement and ease. The standard design of boxers is similar to that of loose fitting shorts. They cover the whole region and can vary from eight to sixteen inches depending on your taste and preference. Most boxers feature a front fly, which provides convenience to any person wearing them. They are highly recommended if you are active throughout the day.

Boxer Briefs

It is a common choice among men. As you may have seen this type during your shopping escapades, the brief as the name suggests is a combination of brief underwear and boxer. Boxer briefs provide enhanced support and coverage that any man will admire. Clothing experts recommend this type of underwear for people engaging in physical and athletic activities.



The best part about VK Nagrani’s mens designer underwear isn’t just the fit and quality, but that there’s such wide variety of colors and patterns available. In the past, white was the main option for many men, but now you can choose a color of your choice from multiple other options available. It is suggested that you pick a color that will accentuate your outfit.

Material Matters

When purchasing underwear, you should consider garments that do not restrict you. Restricting undergarments will raise body temperature, and this will cause excess sweating leading to stains. An increased body temperature for a long period will cause infertility and other health problems, according to medical experts. The elastic material around the waist may cause rashes and irritation, so buy boxers made of quality material. In conclusion, men have a wide variety of underwear to choose from these days. Depending on your preference, consider the above tips to find the right fit in the market.


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