Tenth Street Hats: Headwear from the Pros

You can find a hat at any Target, tourist stall, and even most gas stations, but you can’t find actual quality quite as readily. Good hat makers are a rare breed. You can tell right away when you’re holding or looking at a hat made by someone who knows what they’re doing and my first experience with this phenomenon was the work of Tenth Street Hats.

Last summer before a rafting trip I found a leopard print cap at Target. I assumed I can’t go wrong with leopard print? Wrong. I look like I should be gardening. A previous Summer I bought a sun hat from a gas station when we were headed out to a really hot hike. Basically I bought hats out of desperation and I regret everything. Neither the cap nor the sun hat fit properly, both fell apart quickly and just weren’t refined enough to pull off any kind of actual fashion look. In fact the “sun hat” looked more like a paper thin cowboy hat.

All you really need in life is some fresh water, a good hat, and a really good pair of shoes.

Shirley MacLaine

Because of experiences like this, I haven’t been a huge hat wearer. Now when I shop for hats, I spend time reading reviews and company reputations so I don’t waste my money. I prefer well made, long lasting materials and hats that are memorable for passers-by.

In the winter I usually wear a knit hat. When I got my knit hat from Tenth Street Hats I started to understand the benefits of quality headwear. I have never considered myself “hat material” but this hat looked adorable, didn’t mess up my hair and had numerable small details that made it clearly better than my others. Glitter, sequins, but not obnoxious or tacky.

Consider this fun hat over a baseball cap to protect your face.

Every summer I hike just about every weekend and it’s time to start shopping for a hat I can use year after year, a real investment in style, with all the lesser considered benefits. Like, It’s actually a really good idea for protecting the long term health of your hair, as well as the skin on your face and shoulders. The more coverage the better, so you can enjoy the outdoors and not suffer the negative effects of UV damage.

Consider the long term health of your skin and hair and take a chance on a decent hat. You won’t regret it!

New Port Hat in Turquoise is my personal favorite!

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