The Best Things to Do in Fiji

At the top of many people’s bucket lists of places that they want to visit is Fiji. Fiji is an island in the South Pacific Ocean and is made up of over 330 islands with the main two islands being Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. What makes Fiji such an attractive place to visit is the white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and the fact that there are so many fun activities for you to do. Carry on reading to find out more about the best things you can do in Fiji.


Catch a Sunrise

When visiting Fiji, one thing that you won’t want to miss out on doing is catching a sunrise. Take a walk down to the shore, sit back and relax as you watch the stunning sun rise from behind the Mountain of the Sleeping Giant, as the rays bounce from the calm waters of Nadi Bay.


Kayak Around the Islands and Go Snorkeling

We would definitely say that the number one things that you will want to do when you visit Fiji is go kayaking around the island and make pit stops to go snorkeling. You can spend days just viewing the stunning marine life here. While some will take a cruise, the best way to experience this is definitely kayaking as it will allow you to relax and take in the beautiful scenery at your own pace. You can research the best inflatable kayaks to take with you in your suitcase as these can be packed down and won’t take up much of your luggage room.


Visit the Garden of the Sleeping Giant

In Fiji, there is the famous Mountain of the Sleeping Giant and underneath you will find the beautiful garden. Here, you will find over 200 varieties of Asian orchids and Cattleya hybrids. This is one of the South Pacific’s best kept horticultural secrets and you can also explore the stunning Fijian jungle which is host to a plethora of tropical plants.


Swimming in Waterfalls

Fiji is host to some of the world’s most incredible waterfalls and not only can you take in the stunning views and get a fantastic photo op, you can also go for a swim in them too. You can book this type of trip through a number of different tour operators and many of them will also take you to some of the gorgeous Fijian villages where you can really immerse yourself in the local culture.


Relax at a Hot Spring

One of the top attractions that people absolutely love in Fiji is the natural hot springs and mud pools. These are known to be a great beauty treatment and you can visit the Sabeto Hot Springs located near the Mountain of the Sleeping Giant. This process involves covering yourself in warm mud created from the geothermal spring and then you can bake in the sun. You can then dip into the pool, rinse off the mud and relax. You’ll visit three clear spring pools to completely wash away the remnants of the mud.

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