The Bow Hairstyle: From Cute to Glam in a second

5ec02b6e361f4e63699a31c5ab42f1a4You might be wondering why you should even think of sporting such a whimsical hairdo these days because .. well, as an adult by now you know you are not actually a cartoon character. might just be over that simple messy chignon bun that was so fashionable the past years and yes, you might just want to stand out of the crowd and dressing up with more spark k in your get up is not the worst idea.

Here are three reasons why you should try a bow hairstyle:

  • Learning how to do it could be the perfect, quick fix, for a bad hair day.
  • It keeps your hair out of your face when going to the beach and if you add some SPF hair oil, it will look rather shinny.
  • It may make you look younger and more aloof and fun. Though this will also depend on you.

Even if you are not yet convinced, try it once and I bet you will fall in love with it.
It’s fast and simple to do even on yourself. I tried it several times but unfortunately I only have these pictures to show. I made my bow hairstyle a bit messy because I didn’t want a really polished look.


Even if I didn’t create any tutorials for it, there are some easy tutorials I found on Pinterest where I get most of my inspiration from (like the one on the right).

e590b575f1a0224481d1b16b483a2232For some nice texture try braiding it up. You can go for a front braid or an upside down braid on the back side, this also helps it look like a much more complicated hairstyle than it actually is.

If you want something really special, try adding some colorful thread in your bow. For a more fancy event if you want to go for a fun yet very classy look a polished bow will be the best choice. But that’s not all! A crystal embellished brooch, hairpin or just a velvet ribbon detail will make that bow much more elegant.

aca9f9306abf7ef060e82651fe84a822As a bride you can try a lower bow bun. It looks really amazing and you will have the most original bridal hairstyle ever.

Did I convince you to try out a nice bow hairstyle for your next special event? Give it a try! 



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