The Easiest Ways To Look Good On Your Business Trip

If you’re venturing overseas on a business trip anytime soon, the thought of sweltering in the exotic heat at an all-important meeting with a client can be palpitation inducing. Venturing overseas should be exciting, but if you are heading somewhere hot, balmy and unfamiliar, it can be daunting. You are used to wearing your heavy tweed formal attire and your designer brogues, and enjoy the confidence this gives you when meeting clients. The thought of sweating buckets and being on the verge of fainting when enthusing about the ethos of your company is not a pleasant prospect. Read onto discover how you can concern yourself more with your meetings rather than worrying about how you look.



When you hot foot it to some far flung exotic shore for your annual vacation, you wouldn’t dream of kitting yourself out in heavy nylon, denim or leather for a jaunt to the beach. The same should go for your foreign business trips. There are plenty of linen suits made specifically for warmer climates, that still look formal and smart. You can still add your touch of individual flair on your travels with a handkerchief in your suit pocket or a grandad collar on your linen shirt. You shouldn’t be opting for the fitted shirts no matter how Adonis like your physique is when it is a hundred degrees outside. Be sensible and go for looser, lighter and more linen based attire.

There’s nothing worse than opening up your suitcase to find a mound of crumpled and creased trousers and jackets. Roll instead of fold to try and mitigate this risk, and always hang your clothes. The heat should help relieve any creases that may have appeared in transit.



The chances are that if you’re in a hotter country, the formality of any meeting will be relaxed a little. Ties aren’t the norm, and you don’t need to be wearing a three piece suit to an office that isn’t air-conditioned. Forego the tie and become one of the many business casual men that become a dab hand at these foreign meetings. Wear slip on loafers that help your feet breathe a little more, and don’t shy away from wearing a hat, which you can then take off when you come face to face with your client.



Looking good for your meeting means you need to stay healthy for your meeting. In hotter climates, it’s vital that you remain hydrated, wear sun cream and try to stay out of the midday heat. You don’t want to be on the verge of heatstroke the moment your client arrives to meet you. Staying healthy means you will exude a radiant glow rather than a lobster red hue.


Being prepared for the heat of a foreign business meeting will allow you to concern yourself with the content of your meeting with a client. Never again will you have to worry about sweating, overheating, sunburn or illness if you follow this simple guide to looking good on your business trip.

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