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Ekqualyte Abstract Apparel
Original design has a pretty wide range of meaning. I’ve never seen a tie-dye dress that converts to a headwrap with sleeves before and although it would be original, I don’t want it and I wouldn’t blog about it. I’m always happy to find design that is truly original, especially design that is actually trying something new and never before seen. I cant tell you how many people think leg warmers are original or Ed Hardy for that matter. That is why I like Ekqualyte Apparel (pronounced Equality). They have completely crossed the line (in a good way) and merged art and apparel in an actually functional wearable manner. Sorry to the cat walk designers who design only for the cat walk and elaborate photos. I just cant condone fashion I cant wear, art or not. Put it in an art museum not on some poor 7 foot tall model who’s libel to break her neck or get pointed at and laughed at in public.

To designer and artist, Manuel Jackson aka !E!, “Ekqualyte Apparel is a unique boutique brand with exclusive original art pieces that focus on embracing out abstract art and expressing it though our passion for fashion” with an overall goal to “break down classifications, color lines and boundaries”. I think that last statement is so true of people, art and clothing. So much of it all is constrained by rules and boundaries. Break em! That’s what Street Fashion is all about!

Lucky for EVERYONE (In Los Angeles) Ekqualyte is having a trunk show this week!

Check it out:
April 22nd
919 S Grand St
Los Angeles, Ca
(google map)


The Clothing:
SFW: What artists or musicians do you get inspiration from?

EQ: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Chester French, and anybody else not afraid to take risks in fashion or music.
As far as artists, Salvador Dali, street artist of OBEY -Shepherd Fairey, Retna from TSL Group and Jackson Pollack

SFW: Your pieces really push the boundaries on wearable art apparel, what are some of the responses you’ve gotten that have made it a challenge or have people been really accepting of the idea?

EQ: The challenge with the custom made pieces is that they are one of a kind, and really not as easy to duplicate. Also, choosing to be original while trying to stay ahead of the trend, is a challenge in itself. Other than that, people seem to like the originality of the line. It’s not like any other hand painted collection out there, and people like the abstract pattern and color wash effects.

SFW: I really like your paint splatter designs and spray paint looking patterns, do you (anyone) have a history in street art?

EQ: Not really, but I’ve adapted those same street art techniques and others, and implemented that concept into my live art sessions. As I paint live on clothing in front of an audience, along with other artists I have invited, the exposure alone keeps our names in the streets in a very public way.

The Movement:
SFW: Tell us a little about your art movement and why you choose apparel

EQ: Ekqualyte represents everyone, and art is a form of representation. What people wear is a direct representation of their personality, how they feel, what they like, their mood, etc. Clothing is the very best form of expression, so apparel was perfect. The EKQ movement represents the artist in everyone, because deep down inside everyone has a passion for something….Whether it be music, acting, singing, painting, surfing….the list can go on and on. The art movement is simply allowing your passion to be expressed live. We do this through art events, art charity fund raisers, concerts, collaboration projects, and more. Leading into our “Faces of Ekqualyte” collection, where now there is a cultural, iconic face to best represent the background behind your passion. What’s your face?

SFW: What is one of the biggest hurdles in starting a clothing company/art movement like yours?

EQ: Getting people to believe in themselves enough to follow an art movement like this one is a big hurdle.
You can’t progress in a clothing company without people wanting to wear your clothes.

SFW: What do you believe about a movement is beneficial to an artist?

EQ: A lot of artists don’t have a lot of money, a true artist just wants to be exposed and have their work appreciated by others. Whether it’s through an event, a fashion show, a gallery showing, or just a meet and greet, we provide an outlet for artists to be heard. Their message is just as important as the money.

Keep an eye on them:

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