The Hottest Beauty Trends for 2020

The new decade is finally here and bringing a plethora of fascinating beauty trends along. While the 2010s were all about accentuated make-up, new techniques, loads of skincare boosters and hair upgrades, as the decade came to an end, we could slowly start noticing the hints about the future beauty trends that the 2020s will introduce. As the decade behind us came to an end, the beauty industry started to pay more attention to the chemicals they use in their production, we started to embrace au naturel looks and the 90s trends popped here and there, too. Well, the year 2020 is going to continue in a similar manner with the following trends.

Anti-pollution skincare

Living in highly polluted cities wreaks havoc on one’s skin. Acting as a protective barrier between the outdoor influences and our bodies, the skin needs more protection than ever to keep us look and feel good. That’s precisely why in 2020 there will be much more action taken to create anti-pollution skincare. Just as we’re using SPF rich creams daily, we’ll be needing anti-pollution skincare just as much in order to keep our skin acne-free. Wrinkles and dark spots are the most prominent signs of skin ageing, which is all caused by pollutants, so anti-pollution skincare will be everyone’s must-do in the year (and decade) to come.

Make-up experimentation will rise

While we’ve been obsessed with no makeup, make-up looks in the past few years, 2020 is going to be all about the vibrant hues. Very much influenced by the hit series Euphoria, the latest runaways have been packed with models wearing everything from deep bold eyeliner to sparkly rhinestones as part of their maquillage. Think metallic and pastel liners, or a highly saturated embellishment such as rhinestone on top of the eyelid, in the corner of the eye, or on top of the cheekbones. It’s all about being self-expressive, not limiting yourself to staying within the norm, but feeling free to look outside the box and bring to the table whatever sparks your imagination. Green, purple, blue and other cool tones will take centre stage instead of the warm neutral hues we loved in the past years. Get ready to see drugstores launching pallets filled with mint, peach, powder blue, lilac, and lemon shades to welcome spring in style.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Natural beauty celebrated

In 2020 the skin is in trend will be highly celebrated. Full-coverage foundations have been long neglected, as the more natural look is being promoted everywhere. Starting from Alicia Keys who’s stopped using makeup altogether even during public appearances, more and more celebrities and none-famous people have embraced the natural look, and the trend will continue into 2020. Instead of going for high-concealing foundations, hot Australian women suggest BB creams as their main go-to product to always looking flawless without making your skin suffer. Aside from promoting bare face beauty, facial treatments such as ultherapy face lift treatment will help you get that flawless natural beauty look. It’s all about using non-invasive methods to make you look beautiful without changing the features of your face. Ultherapy procedure uses ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process to help you lift and tighten loose skin on your face. 

A mixture of hair accessories

The hair won’t be set aside in 2020 either, so we’ll be seeing plenty of innovation but throwbacks in this area as well. Scrunchies have sneaked their way into our lives in the year 2019 and now we’re going to be greeted with another 90s trend hat is a headband. However, we’ll be steering away from the traditional slick and padded ones, and going towards the chunky knotted hairpieces that will bring our hair game to an entirely different level. Pearl hair accessories will also dominate the year 2020, and they’ll shift from berets and barrettes to actually having them woven into braids. Furthermore, pearls will be a huge part of hair clips too, which is another major 2019 trend going to 2020.  You’ll be seeing everything from butterflies to wings, and to more grown-up options such as gold claw clips, adorned bobby pins, and pearl clips. 

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Final thoughts

As you could have noticed, 2020 is going to be anything but ordinary in terms of beauty trends. What we can safely say from the trends that are going to dominate the year ahead of us is that we’re about to celebrate life, natural beauty, and take much better care of our skin. The 21st century is truly becoming ground-breaking for humanity and the beauty industry is certainly one of the biggest motivators and influencers, so it’s good to see that we’re turning more and more towards natural, healthy while embracing diversity as well. 

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