The Long Awaited Williamsburg Walking Tour!

Today is the first day DIY Shopping Tours has made their long awaited jump into downloadable tours! They’ve worked long and hard, collecting locations, photos and information on all the greatest places to shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York, and soon the world!
Whether your’e a tourist, planning on visiting soon, new to the area or just want to know your city better, this walking tour will provide you with access to the most up to date information in your shopping ventures. You’ll know who’s having a sale, where to find a clean bathroom in the big city, holidays hours and much much more. Each download provides you with a profile on each store, including photos, times, phone number, address, and above all – a brilliant easy to read map. No longer do you have to wonder the streets wondering where to go, or be let down by a store being closed, or not described correctly. And its only FIVE Dollars! You just download and print the stores you want to visit and hit the streets, map in hand!

Heres an example of what a store profile will look like!
DIY Walking Tour Williamsburg

Williamsburg is just the first of hundreds of cities the company has planned. Next in line? East London, England!

DIY Shopping Tours has the simple plan of making your shopping experience easier, better and more rewarding and is off to a good start with one of the hippest cities in the country (that’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn, no lie). Enjoy your walk!

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