The Many Facets of Lab-Grown Diamonds

When shopping for diamond jewelry, there are thousands of options available. Consumers can feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices or be heartbroken when their specific needs are unavailable due to demand. Solutions for tricky diamond situations come in a variety of approaches, including lab-grown gems. 

The mystery surrounding lab-grown diamonds isn’t so scary – it is a fantastic solution for almost every person looking for the right gem. From environmentally friendly practices and humane working regulations to being budget-friendly and widely available, there are many reasons that you’ll never go back to natural stones and stick to lab-grown diamonds.

Always Available for Your Shopping Needs

There’s nothing worse than finding out your specific stone or carat is unavailable or already purchased. Natural diamonds are a resource that is not infinite, meaning their supply waxes and wanes every season. This creates an unpredictable market and value shift. Some consumers will even travel frequently to find a better market to buy from. Rather than switching from vendor to vendor or visiting endless jewelry stores, make it a one-stop shop with a lab-grown diamond. 

No matter the time of year, industry demands, or vendor supplies, these stones are crafted with care and measurements that perform well every time they are created. There is no shortage of these diamonds because the procedure is easily replicated to meet sales and client needs.

Photo by Tahlia Doyle on Unsplash

Consistency for a Guaranteed Look and Shine

When it comes to gifting or proposing, ensuring that you pick the perfect diamond, cut, and design is crucial. With traditional stones, there is a variety of cosmetic changes between each diamond. This translates to a gem that may not catch the light as much as another. Clarity and carat are some of the most desired features of a diamond, making shopping more daunting than it needs to be.

For a flawless and beloved look to your gems, choosing a lab-grown diamond is a guaranteed approach. Every step in the growth process is meticulously measured for a predictable result, meeting all your needs. After the diamonds are extracted, cut, and polished, you will surely appreciate the difference in shine and appearance.

Avoid the Ethical Issues of Traditional Diamonds

Unfortunately, the diamond business is rich with unethical labor practices. Similarly to the chocolate industry, there are illegal and inhumane systems in place that create unhealthy working conditions for people globally. However, as the companies involved continue to improve the dynamics at play, there is still a risk of supporting these applications. 

Diamonds created in a controlled environment ensure that no one is harmed or put at risk while working. The regulations in the industry are incredibly strict, ensuring that human rights and fair pay are upheld with every step in the process. You can feel comfortable supporting diamonds grown in a lab that is free of endangerment.

Save More on Your Precious Diamonds

Purchasing diamond jewelry is already a great investment, but the cost to acquire it does not need to be astronomically high. Lab-grown diamonds are much more cost-effective for any budget due to the high security and rigorous quality results that every stone gets. The consumer cost is lower because there is less risk to supply, as seen with natural diamonds. 

When making a purchase that will last through generations and be passed down, an item that costs 30% to 40% less than the traditional option makes accessibility much easier. Custom jewelry can be expensive depending on the design and requirements, making a lab-grown diamond a great option to keep costs lower.

Environmentally Friendly Approach to Jewelry

In order to harvest rough diamonds, there is massive drilling and mining taking place to uncover them. This presents a unique challenge for the preservation of ecosystems, plants, and animal survival. Over time, as we’ve seen with deforestation, the damage done to the Earth can be drastic. Sustainable jewelry is possible now.

Lab-grown diamonds do not need any involvement with disrupting land or depleting an animal’s natural habitat. The secure facilities they are grown in are contained and help to offer an alternative. Solutions for eco-friendly jewelry continue to evolve, thanks to the progress from discoveries such as grown diamonds.

featured image: Photo by Sabrianna on Unsplash

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