The most flattering skirts according to the type of silhouette

The skirt is a garment that sooner or later every woman ends up having in her closet, however, the task of finding the type of skirt that suits you best can be complicated. It must be suitable for your silhouette so that it enhances what you like most about your body and thus make you feel comfortable and great.
But, what skirts favour you? We bring you your ideal skirt in this article!

Types of skirts according to morphology

Do not worry, we know that there are many styles and styles of skirts, and that is why we are going to start by organising all of them according to the body type of each woman. A good choice of the skirt can help you minimise what you like least and enhance the strong points of your figure. But watch out! It is just as important to get the model right as it is with the styling, the way you build your outfit will be the key to a successful look.

Skirts for women with an hourglass body

Pencil skirt

You’ve got a perfectly proportioned bust and hips, and there’s no better way to show them off than with a pencil skirt. Its high waist will highlight your curves and mark your waist like no other garment.

The “perfect” body silhouette enables you to take chances with clothing that others cannot afford but keep in mind that this style of skirt should always be worn with the top inside the skirt to create a more stylish figure if it fits. To gain a few centimetres and verticalise your silhouette, you can wear a shirt that matches the shade of your skirt.

Pleated skirt

Pleats are perfect for adding volume to the hips, but at the same time, they avoid that structured effect thanks to their normally flowing fabric: a perfect combination for women with an hourglass shape.

Play and have fun with the colours, it’s time! Combine a solid colour sweater in a trendy tone and give it a style rush with heels that slim your legs in true Carrie Bradshaw style.

Skirts for women with a rectangular body

Flared skirt

When your body is rectangular, all you need is something to assist you in forming your body’s curves suitable. A skirt might soon become a part of your wardrobe, and it would be even better if it had a belt or bow that highlighted your amazing waist.

Wear a shirt that can counteract the volume of the skirt to achieve the ideal figure. Balloon sleeves or shoulder embellishments are excellent choices. This combination is fantastic!

Circular skirt

We continue with garments that help highlight your waist, and also, in this case, are perfect for adding some volume to your hips. The best option if you need versatility: with a simple t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look during the day, or with a more feminine top for the night.

Skirts for women with a triangular body

Midi skirt

If you want to minimise your hips, you should opt for a flowing, high-waisted skirt that glides over your curves without highlighting them. The midi length is perfect and chic for this, and, without a doubt, a star garment in any look.

Diverting attention from the lower part of your body is usually the priority, and for this, wearing crop tops or tucking the shirts into the skirt is usually a very good option. Another trick? Complete the outfit with a jacket that covers your hips and is slightly longer than the skirt, stylish and confident!

Wrap skirt

If the wrap dress is a must for women with a triangle body, the wrap skirt is not much different. The ruching will draw attention to your slim waist, and the rest of the skirt being flowy will glide stylishly over the rest of the body: exactly what a triangle woman needs!

We propose to create verticality and continuity in the outfit, and once again we bet on the total look. All in one colour and ready to succeed!

Skirts for women with inverted triangle body

Layered skirt

Every inverted triangle body type is obsessed with putting more weight on the bottom to balance the physique. The volume of the enormous ruffles in a layered skirt will draw attention to the legs rather than the bust and shoulders, making it the ideal choice for this.

Keep the skirt in the foreground. We advise pairing this style of skirt with a straight top and revealing shoes because it is quite intricate and full-figured. Obviously, less is more.

Asymmetric skirt

We continue directing our gazes where we are interested. The asymmetrical cut will bring details and volume to the lower part, moving the gaze towards the legs and moving away from the upper part of the body.

The experts of Albeli suggest combining it with a simple t-shirt, using neutral colours, to focus attention on the skirt and its details. The skirt will be the star of your outfit this time.

Skirts for women with plus-size body

Mini skirt

You may believe, as a plus-size woman, that a miniskirt is inappropriate for your figure. It’s not so. We believe that everyone should have a full wardrobe; you simply need to pair it properly. For example, miniskirts are a legitimate instrument for verticalizing the form and may be the appropriate choice for you if your weight is mostly distributed in your upper body.

Don’t be afraid to show some skin and play with colours, fashion is style but also fun. Using neutral and darker colours in the parts of the body that you want to hide, and prints in the parts that you want to highlight, you will have a perfect outfit to look like never before.

We have as many types of skirts as body models, so you no longer have an excuse not to have one in your dressing room.

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