Who Else Wants to Perfect the No-Make Up Look?

In a world where embellishment, over-exposure and overtly made up women are becoming increasingly more popular, we can find ourselves wishing to look more like our real selves. What with summer coming — the season of effortlessness — and because we cannot bother to look too made up or spend too much time doing our makeup, it feels like the right time to perfect the no makeup look.
While looking like you are not wearing any makeup does require a couple of tools and some time, rest assured that this routine is far easier than that of a made up face, and the following tools will help you get the ‘no make up look’ in no time.

Start with a good base

Having a skin care regime that helps keep your face clean and hydrated will help make this makeup look far easier to achieve. When your face is not clogged and it is well moisturized, then you have a good base with which you can work with.

Brow game

Eyebrows play such a huge role on your face. Well-groomed eyebrows will give your face the definition it needs and when they are a bit too light for your complexion, then darkening your eyebrows will help to get you closer to the no makeup look.


Sometimes even a great skin care regime cannot spare us those dark circles under our eyes. For this fresh faced look, a great concealer that is the right color for your skin tone will help to minimize these imperfections.

Moisturized lips

For this look, you can play with the color on your lips by going for a very soft pink, a nude or a simple gloss but regardless of the color, you must have lips that are moisturized and not chapped.

Powder Brushes

Light foundation

You may not want that caky feel on your face but if you still need foundation for this look then try a light powdery product that will help to smooth with minimal weight on your face.

Neutral shadows

When you think you cannot get away with no eye shadows because of your skin tone, then opting for neutral shadows that blend with the color of your skin and help to merely lift and highlight your eyes is a great option to perfecting the no makeup look.


Some believe this look is best done without mascara while others insist that this makeup product is a must to perfecting this look. A mascara can really open up your eyes and give you that fresh faced look so it is a great asset to this look, however, avoid having clunky lashes and go for long, thin lashes instead for a look that is still natural.

Rosy cheeks

If you think your face needs some color to give it life, then try a touch of blush for some rosy cheeks. Make sure you learn how to apply blush the right way, so you will look like you are blushing slightly and not look like a clown.

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