The Originators

The music in the boom boxes, record players and 8 tracks of the past and the first graffiti on the streets and subways of   New York mark the beginnings of a subculture many of us enjoy today. The Originators are in those boom boxes, on those records and arting up the walls of the past and we found someone first in line to honor their fine work, The Originators. The Originators is a L.A. based clothing company with original designs showing straightforward respect for hip hop history – early DJs, MCs, Writers, and B-Boys, with a street art angle.

We love the street art and well,… boom boxes too, so it worked out great that they sent us a few shirts along those lines. Fourth of July weekend we went out in the country to blow things up and took the opportunity to show off the shirts in an environment completely contrary to their content – therefore focusing your eyes on their awesomeness. All the shirts are quality in construction and print. Bright colors, great screening and comfortable fit. Just scored two   awesome new Nike’s straight from Japan that mix and match perfectly with these shirts as well. Keep it bright, keep it interesting and keep it real is a good way to sum up The Originators designs.

Check out their styles – mens, womens, lids, jackets, polos and yes even skateboards – as well as their extensive list of Originators to keep your hip hop history knowledge above and beyond the majority.
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Some of our other favorites include:


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