How Wearing the Right Prom Dress Makes You Stand Out from the Rest of the Girls

It’s not unnatural to want to look and feel your best at prom. In fact, if you’re like every other girl then you want to do all you can to stand out! There are some great ways of creating that head-turning effect you want to have on your friends and family (maybe even that special someone too).

Where you start shopping is a major part of the equation. You can look absolutely unforgettable in the right dress and Peaches Boutique stock Sherri Hill’s line of stunning prom gowns. Feast your eyes on a selection of styles to flatter your feminine figure and bring out all your best features!

This article will give you some awesome tips to get your creative mind ticking so when you shop for prom dresses, you will find something amazing. Something that is completely unlike the other sea of prom dresses that everyone else will be wearing.

Buying your prom dress from a reputable store like Peaches Boutique will put you in touch with a unique range of gowns.

For now however, let’s work out how you are going to spot the perfect stand-out gown for your prom.

  • Go vintage: Wearing a vintage gown is a sure-fire way of getting heads turning in your direction. Going for a timeless classic from the 60’s with something A-line or rewinding to the 90’s for the more minimal looking dress can strike attention. If you do so tastefully and take time to ensure you search in the right places, you really can’t go wrong. Sites such as Pinterest and Esty will really have your back on the vintage side, especially when vintage stores in your area are lacking.
  • Go for something covered in sequins: A sequin dress literally craves the attention of onlookers. With the right color and right amount of sparkle, it can pick up your overall look so you don’t just stand out from the crowd; you jump out!
  • Think more masculine: If you are edgy style-wise or comfortable with the masculine look, doing the opposite of what everyone expects will be an attention-grabber. You can still do so and look feminine with the right blazer, jumpsuit or trousers.
  • Keep it super elegant: Wearing beautiful, elegant and royal colors can really help you stand out. Emeralds and royal purples and blues can make you shine as you walk through the door.
  • Wear red. As long as no one else steals your idea you will surely stand out. Red is such a powerful shade and has been shown to have a positive psychological effect on onlookers. With strong connotations, red is a strong color that cannot blend into the background.
  • Do something quirky! Don’t do anything for the sake of doing something. If you put your own personality and style into it, the look will be flawless. Love patterns? Why not choose a dress with a funky print? Love bright shades? Why not go for something neon! Get inventive and you will stand out for sure.

These are just a few great ideas to get your inventive mind ticking so you can stand out from the crowd at prom.

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