The Sartorial-Twist!

The Sartorial-Twist!

Everyone has probably heard of  The Sartorialist but who ever thought there would be a truly creative break in it’s high brow style?

The Sartorial-Twist is a great new site that breaks up images from The Sartorialist website and puts them back together into exciting new, creative ensembles.
Since I’m not really the NY Shopping district type, and prefer my bargin bin creations over Dolce and Gabbana, I must prefer The Sartorial- Twist to the original. Lets just hope the Sartorialist guy has a good sense of humor and lets this masterpiece stick around a while.

Click the image to visit the Sartorial-Twist site and refresh the page to generate brand new mishmash fashion!

The Sartorial-Twist!

3 thoughts on “The Sartorial-Twist!

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