The Trends So Far, Summer 2016

Such is the mercurial nature of fashion, it can often be difficult to stay in touch with the fast paced trends we see come and go each year. In this ever-changing industry, I’ve compiled a few fashion trends that look set to remain for summer and beyond.

Jeans are more distressed than ever

2016 has seen distressed jeans return with a vengeance. Celebrities and models on the catwalks are embracing the rips and tears in their denim and it has become one of the biggest trends this year. If you’ve got any old jeans tucked away, then dig them out and do some denim DIY.


Hats are back

We aren’t just talking old school 90’s snapbacks though, there’s a new breed of headwear made from high quality materials like leather and suede. These new caps are modelled on the classic curved peak baseball cap and can be worn easily with almost anything.


20160726184337482The Colour scheme

This year seems focussed on transitional colors that will take us through all the seasons. Stone, beige, dusty pink and navy are just a few examples of what to look out for this year. Stone has been a particular trend this year, with its natural earthy quality and softness creates a stable platform to combine other bolder colours or prints. If you know about mod clothing, then you’ll know they had a tendency to dress rather sharp. A smart stone coloured tonic suit will certainly look the part for those more formal holiday occasions.


Going on holiday this summer?

We all know about those pesky baggage allowances, meaning we have to be efficient with our packing as every cubic centremeter counts. With that in mind, here are a few packing hacks to make your impending vacation a triumph.  


Think versatile. Pack items that can serve a number of purposes, something you can throw on at the beach but also wear out for a few afternoon drinks later on.

Stick to one colour story. This promotes versatility but ensures each piece of clothing compliments the other. Colours like white and blue complement each other perfectly for summer and can also be easily matched with the other bright and bold colours like orange.

Plan your footwear. Shoes and sneakers can be space consuming items to pack so plan accordingly, take what you need and don’t get carried away. Make the most of all available space by putting your socks, chargers, cables and anything else that will fit inside your shoes whilst travelling. Oh and don’t forget to pack your sliders for the beach.

Leave some space – If possible, try not to over pack your case. I know this is certainly easier said than done, but think about all those holiday bargains you’ll be acquiring whilst on your travels. Alternatively, you could pack a tote bag to fill up with all your holiday goodies without having to compromise for space.

Now all that’s left to do is go and enjoy your vacation, sip Piña coladas by the pool all day and dance the night away.


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