Time to bundle up! How to choose a ski jacket for your body type

Sometimes there’s nothing more joyous that hitting the slopes and sashaying (or skiing) down all that fresh, powdery snow. If the sun’s out, it’s an exhilarating experience — but only if you’re warm, dry and wearing the right ski gear that suits your shape and helps you move freely. Dressing for extreme weather can be a huge drain on your bank balance if you don’t get it right first time. So here are some tips on how to choose a ski jacket for your body type:

Get clued up on tech-speak

Start by getting clued up on jacket and fabric technology. That way, you’ll know which features will flatter your body type (and you’ll find the ones that don’t). Thankfully there’s a wide choice of ski jackets women of all shapes and sizes will love and retailers like Tesco have options for every budget. But there are also some basic jacket tech features which are mandatory for an enjoyable slope experience. These include waterproof and breathable fabrics, concealed zips and taped — rather than stitched — seams (to prevent water penetration). Another useful design feature is a snow skirt which is an inner layer which fastens around your waist and prevents snow sneaking under your jacket. This feature isn’t always ideal for apple shape figures. Apples should opt for a longer jacket without a snow skirt that reaches mid-thigh.

Squares and pears


Generally speaking, if your body type is straight up and down, square-shape jackets will suit you. If you want to create curves, go for an in-built elasticated waistline. It’s important that the waist is in-built as the last thing you want is to mess around with drawstrings or belts that accidentally fall loose. Taking your gloves off in minus temperatures to fix a belt is not fun! Pear shapes look great in slightly longer and tapered-waist jackets too.

Fuller figures and detachable linings

You will read a lot about choosing the right ‘shell’ jacket, a thinner, inner jacket and layer that keeps you warm and dry, whatever the weather. For women with fuller figures, wearing two jackets can feel restrictive, uncomfortable and add undesirable bulk. A great alternative is to choose a jacket with an in-built detachable, insulated and waterproof lining. The benefit is exactly the same as a separate shell jacket without the extra volume –- and could save you money splashing out on separate items!

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If in doubt, opt for extra room

You’ll be surprised how much room and movement your body needs when you’re skiing, climbing onto chair lifts and hiking to off-piste areas. Whatever your shape and if in doubt, opt for a slightly bigger size of jacket. The extra room will allow for extra layers if necessary. Colourful and safe.


And finally, forget the whole ‘larger sizes should stick to darker colours’. This mantra won’t help you get spotted on the slopes. There are some fantastic, fun colours out there –- so go bright and bold if you want!

Choosing the right ski jacket for your shape should be fun! If you’ve got any tips or useful experiences, please leave a comment below.

Images by Edward Simpson and summonedbyfells used under the Creative Commons License..

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