Tips to Pull off Statement Jewelry with Incredible Grace

statement-jewelry1Every woman wants to look at that mirror, and hear those words, “You are the most beautiful”. We have a better idea though. Beauty fades away, but style is timeless. So why not be known and talked about, for your exquisite sense of style! You may wonder how to achieve this feat when everyone is so style conscious and glamorously dressed! Here’s what you need to do.

Step up your style game with statement jewelry that cuts through the crowd and makes you stand out for your effortless elegance. Unsure if you can pull off statement jewelry? Use these style tips to pull off statement accessories with incredible grace and elan.

Let One Big Piece Do the Talking

stement2They are called statement pieces for a reason. One statement jewelry is enough to add polish and charm to your look. When it comes to statement pieces, the rule of thumb is to go big, or go home. A chunky necklace, a colossal ring, neck sweeping chandeliers or simply a classic cuff bracelet on your bare arm, a big bold piece of jewelry is all that you need to make a dramatic statement, and make any attire look classy and expensive. Remember the idea is to let the one dramatic piece set the statement, so don’t overcrowd it. If you are wearing statement earrings that are big and bold, avoid the neck and hand accessories, or keep them minimal.

Use Your Statement Piece as the Focal Point of Your Ensemble


Statement jewelry is all about sophisticated chic. Achieve this by making your statement jewelry the focal point of your ensemble. The trick lies in proper color coordination. Turquoise accessories are always a winner when paired with black and white outfits. On the other hand, green is a strong color and is best, when paired with bright, vibrant reds, blues and whites. Remember busy patterns demand equally busy accessories.

When it comes to rose gold jewelry, they look rich and elegant when teamed with outfits in browns, creams and tans. Studded with light pink or blue stones, such pieces evoke an ethereal feel. Silver, platinum or white gold is perennially popular in statement pieces. You don’t need to put in too much thought while putting these on, because accessories with a silver base complement outfits in most colors and silhouettes.

Yellow gold has been ruling the runways and streets, for its innate ability to draw focus and attention to an outfit. A bold statement necklace, chunky wrist cuffs, intricate headgear, or the favorite shoulder sweeping earrings, anything in yellow gold is dramatic and elegant in equal measures. While it is absolutely stunning by itself, yellow gold also makes a stylish backdrop to colorful gemstones. That is enough reason, why yellow gold should definitely be a part of your statement accessories collection.

Pay Attention to the Neckline


Your face and neck are always the first things people notice about you. Necklines are a big part of your outfit. This is why designers pay close attention to necklines. There are different neck pieces designed for different necklines. A statement necklace is not just a great way to accessorize your outfit and up the ante in the style department, but it can enhance your neckline and add much allure to your whole look.

While we firmly believe that, when it comes to fashion, rules are meant to be broken, there are some rules that have emerged which guarantees instant glam and appeal. For instance, certain neck pieces complement certain necklines better.

  • Crew neck remains charming and demure. Make it classier by pairing them with bib or collar necklaces.
  • Turtle necks are a winter staple. Make your neck look more shapely and slender with long, layered necklaces.
  • For those who like to show a bit of decolletage with a strapless neckline, make it even more sensuous by adding a statement choker.
  • One of the most common neckline is the V-neckline. Pick a neck piece that goes along this narrow or wide V to strike an elegant pose.
  • Pick a big, bold, slightly roundish or curved necklace to complement your outfits with sweetheart neckline.

Read up a little more online, browse through Pinterest, take inspiration from your favorite celebrities and most importantly pay attention to your neckline. Accessorize your neck beautifully to create the effect of a true style Goddess.

Adorn Your Hands Aesthetically

ringsA very wise and fashion conscious woman once told me, “your hands are most observed and scrutinized after your face. Like a man’s shoes reveal much about him, a woman’s hands reveal a lot about her. Rings, cuffs and palmlets are a great way to accessorize and beautify your hands. A statement ring can take your style notches up. Rings are significant not just as accessories but are also symbolic of eternal bonds, and gives a lot of insight into your personality.

Many style experts say that the quickest way to go from feminine sensual to power chic is to change the jewelry that adorns your fingers. We use our hands and fingers all the time for everything and they are always being noticed. Invest in a few statement rings to take your sartorial game to a whole new level.

To Wrap it Up

It is an art to pull off statement jewelry with incredible grace. Once you have mastered this art, you will always look impeccable and fashionably put together. Draw from the above tips, and make some rules of your own along the way. You will soon be turning heads with your sartorial choices.

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