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When I heard of To The Nines Clothing, I was initially curious because of the name alone. The name was a phrase I recognized but had long ago expired from my vocabulary. After seeing their stuff, Im now absolutely sure the phrase is due for a comeback. When I looked at their site, I soon discovered fresh and original designs, bright colors, hand drawn fonts as well as a creative use of iconography and pop culture. All these things and more are the fault of co-owners Owen Covert and Nikolai Hobruecker who bring us their designs from the geographically and recreationally diverse Vancouver B.C..   Everything their designs represent says “Vancouver”, whether it be skate, hip-hop, snowboarding or surf, the city’s diversity of cultures and scenes allows To the Nines to represent. They recently showed their stuff at the Vancouver Fashion Week, hailed as the West Coast’s most prestigious industry event. Here’s a few photos from the catwalk:

We got the chance to have a little interview with Owen Covert, owner and designer for To the Nines Clothing just before their debut at VFW.

S.F.W: What inspired your company’s name?

Owen: “Originally when I started screen printing t-shirts in my basement I started off with a million different names. Trying them on tees and giving them to all my friends. Nothing was really sticking with me, until the term “dressed to the nines”. Which means dressed up, dressed to your fullest. I’d be damned if anyone were to show me one of those tees from back then! ”

S.F.W:How did you end up designing?

Owen: “My Mom is a graphic designer, so ever since I can remember I have always been interested and surrounded by graphic design. Which definitely turned into a big part of my life. Not until about 5 years ago did I decided to push for graphics on clothing.”

S.F.W:Where do you draw inspiration for designs?

Owen:“Most of my designs have been inspired by different situations my friends or I have been put in. As well as influences from the skate/snow and bmx worlds with both a hiphop and punk music scene twist.”

Today To The Nines Clothing can be found at Clack Clack Empire or online at With new designs hitting the streets this spring, To The Nines Clothing is proud to launch its first collection for Fall 2009 at Vancouver Fashion Week.”

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