New layout for Tobi means 25% off for us!

Many sites change their styles over the years to reflect the desires of shoppers near and far as well as current trends in web design and one of my favorite sites is no exception. Change is good!  Tobi’s most recent change, a brand new homepage, category and product layout, is great for a new year of shopping and of course great for our wallets, because they’re giving us 25% off  regular priced items with code FRESHLOOK.

The new site is a really great move towards minimalist shopping. The homepage has a great big sliding banner featuring lookbook images for some of their hottest designers. The catalog page is extra minimal with nearly invisible text under each product, till a rollover of the mouse on an item of interest reveals their price and name. I think this is a nice feature when the price of an item might keep you from checking the item out closer otherwise. Can’t afford it? Doesn’t hurt to look!
The sidebar makes it super easy to filter out just the sale items, designers or subcategories. Find all your favorite designers like Alexander Wang, Commes des Garcons, J Brand, Theory and G-Star more easily and quickly, nice when you spend as much time as I do on shopping sites.
The product page is even more simplified as the navigation sidebar is completely absent, allowing your focus to stay on the item at hand. The back button never felt so useful. A super fancy zoom feature on the items lets you take a close up peek at a chosen image.

All in all its a great move for them, joining the ranks of some of my favorite sites to shop and veering away from the templatey ecommerce sites of the last decade.

Take advantage of this coupon code: FRESHLOOK for 25% off regular priced items!


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