Tom’s Shoes: Stylish, Comfortable Shoes For Everyone

A brief look into Toms shoes

Toms Woolen Twill ShoesToms shoes have a that nice, classic feel to them-particularly the flat-bottomed types that work well with most outfits and have a retro-cool feel to them.  A staple of the fashion-savvy gent (and lady too, for that matter!) looking for a casual-cool shoe, Toms now come in a variety of guises as well as the normal variations. For example, desert boot-style designs have been implemented (with wool instead of the usual canvas for differentiation in construction)  the woolen twills with a nice drawstring at the back for comfortable adjustment, and the highland Botas with a foldable fabric at the ankle to allow them to be worn in either a creased/turned down or straight-edged manner.

The typical canvas shoes are particularly good for summer, although that’s a little way off as of now taking stock of what’s available is an idea as the weather picks up. Some of the wax shoes from the range suit the weather better though if you’re looking for a shoe in the short term!

Unlike some shoes which can be a little stiff, toms tend to be flexible and comfortable, and typically easy to break in (as they’re made of canvas rather than other fabrics this is to be expected really) just be careful when it rains-they aren’t suited to very damp conditions as the canvas provides little water resistance unless the shoes are treated.

There is actually an arguably better reason than all the above to look at Ozzy’s though, and that isn’t what you’d think-for every pair of selected Toms shoes sold, the company will make and send a pair of shoes to children in developing countries who are without adequate footwear. (the “One for One Movement”)

“As a case in point, the initial effort sent 10,000 pairs of shoes to Argentina to help the children there. It isn’t just cheap toms shoes from Ozzys that count as part of this effort; the project extends across the range regardless of the price or quality of the shoe in question.

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