Top 10 Engagement Rings That Will Truly Represent Your Love

People always think of weddings as something that happens in the Spring or Summer. This is usually because of the nature surrounding the wedding, and of course, the weather. Even if you have a ceremony indoors, everyone wants to walk past trees filled with leaves and gardens full of flowers on their way to the location. If you’re like me, your more likely to have a wedding out in the open world, surrounded by nature. I don’t even mind the snow, and I think autumn leaves are beautiful, so to me, the time of year wouldn’t matter, but considering that more and more people propose to their partner in the Fall and Winter in order for time to plan a Spring or Summer wedding, here are some ideas for either someone you plan to propose to, or to drop hints about to someone you know is scheming!

I searched long and hard and attempted to show these beautiful rings with contemporary references. It believe it makes them feel a little less like cold stones and more like representations of yourself, your loved one, and your future together!

10. A Timeless Classic

whirlwind in yellow goldA vintage looking beauty, the Whirl-wind Romance ring is definite eye grabber. The movement of the lines draw people’s eyes right to the center, where lies a decently modest diamond. I think there’s something to be said for modesty. When you have a ring with such overall class you don’t want it overwhelmed.
It reminds me of the sort of ring that a beautiful actress from the classic films of the 1940s would wear, and look shockingly beautiful in.

9. An Infinite Classic

MS231-A WhiteThis Endless Love ring is pretty great for those who love symbolism. The infinity symbol is part of the band while each side of it holds onto the diamond setting. Endlessness being the infinity , and love being the bond represented by the diamond. It’s simple in the fact that it only has one diamond, but the band can either be platinum, white gold or yellow gold. As a lover of tattoos with the infinity symbol, I think this one is one of more contemporary options out there!

8. Earth Meets fire

brilliant round haloThe Brilliant Round Halo ring has a wonderful design resembling an eye, to me at least. It reminds me of the eye of protection symbol from mysticism, which brings to mind beautiful gypsy summers, horses, and evening tarot readings by a bonfire. It’s a down to earth, back to nature, design while also being incredibly glitzy. Like heirloom jewels of an ancient family, formed into a symbol intended to protect. Sounds perfect to me!


7. Fit For a Queen

mother-of-dragons1The Princess Cut Diamond Splendor ring is nothing less than a ring fit for a queen, and not just any queen, but the Mother of Dragons – true Queen of Westeros (Game of Thrones). The ring features a dragon scale like design along the band and a center setting fit for royalty, but also a Queen who is not merely a figure head, but one tough woman, and the mother of Dragons.

6. Fit for a Princess (or almost one)

princess-bride2The Princess Bride ring is fit for just that, a Princess, but take a moment to ponder at the film The Princess Bride. Princess Buttercup lived on a farm and fell in love with a farm hand, Wesley. However, Wesley disappeared and she found herself in the gaze of a Prince. Was it all that great? no, the prince was a jerk. She only wanted Wesley, and although she was almost a Princess, True Love is what she choose. Being a Princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Choose True Love.

5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

breakfast at tiffanysThe Dazzling Diamond ring it definitely a ‘journey of self discovery. sort of ring. In the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Holly comes from the country to New York City to rewrite herself as a young debutante on the town. However she starts to learn the true meaning of life over the course of this classic film, and learns that people will eventually like her for who she is. She manages to recreate herself while still staying true to her heart. She’s an animal lover and a true spirit, and she wont let New York eat her alive. The bow shape of the ring reminds me of Holly, also of something child like though glamorous. A great design for the truly kind spirited.


4. From Paris With Love

paris with loveThe simple classic Six Prong ring is a most admirable one. In its basic design lies a style that has never faded from view or gone out of fashion. Other rings may have too much flair, individuality, or pizzazz, drawing away from the wearer, but the six prong solitaire diamond will never steal the show, but will in fact make it even better. Just like the Eiffel Tower will never steal away from the charm of Paris, both shall be a shining beacon of flattery.

3. A Shield of Loving Protection

strongThe Cascading Diamond ring is like a shield of protection, a seal of promise, and a symbol bright enough to call Batman from his deep dark cave. It symbolizes a strong relationship, a firm belief in promises and the brightness of love between two people. It reminds me of, Beauty and the Beast. Ponder this, the Beast represents a strong character that Belle needed at that time in her life. He was ready to protect and be strong, yet gentle and kind. Some of you may know someone like that, and this ring can symbolize your bond with them.


2. A Natural Beauty

serpentineThe Vintage Brilliance ring is an organic experience in a solid object. Not an easy task to represent. It has flowing lines, vine-like in nature, and presenting the setting like a glorious mystical treasure. I play a lot of video games, so this one looks to me like the goal of a long mission through dark forests, past unspeakable beasts, and the reward? This amazing, fantastical looking bounty. And who presents it but a beautiful woman who is half human, half nature; beautiful and true.


1. Love’s Peak

widows peakMy all time favorite engagement ring is the Contemporary with side Stones. It’s a little bit dark, like me, with a Gothic architecture feel along the sides. Since I already mentioned Paris (because It’s amazing), I feel that the Notre Dam Cathedral in Paris is a fitting comparison for this one. Architecture at its finest and most well known to represent my geeky interest in art, culture and travel. Perfect!


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  1. These are some truly impressive rings. They’re definitely not your everyday run of the mill engagement rings, and the details are incredible.

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