The Top 3 Ways of Incorporating the Biggest A/W Trend: The 70s

2016092319042704When one of the greatest artists of all time died earlier this year, the world went into mourning. Widely regarded as one of the most influential artists of the century, David Bowie’s career kicked off the extremely fashionable and glamorous 1970s. As people around the world sadly reminisced whilst putting on their records to relive his finest moments, the fashion collective was among them.

Touches of Bowie were strewn across autumn/winter runways but it wasn’t just Bowie making fashion feel nostalgic. One of the biggest TV events of the year was Netflix’s 70s-set Stranger Things. Amassing a huge cult following of fans for everything from the phenomenal vintage outfits to retro feel of the soundtrack.

You can embrace this coming season’s biggest trend with our recommendations on the 3 easiest ways to incorporate 70s elements into your wardrobe. From all out retro to little touches, we have everything you need to master it.

1. Coats

Probably the easiest and most practical way to adopt the 70s trend is with a duffle coat. These will be in every high street store, designer shop and very possibly, a number of the vintage ones too. From Burberry to ASOS, there are options for both men and women. Camel will be a popular duffle coat colour but there will be an abundance of others available, so you can easily find something suited to your style. If want a modernised one then look out for short lengths or coats made of multiple fabrics, not just the traditional woollen duffle.

2. Plaid/Tartan

Luckily, clothing in this fabric isn’t hard to find, nor does it have to be expensive. Shirts (for men and women) are the easiest way to incorporate it into to your style but tartan dresses are becoming more common. And it was more than just check shirts seen on the men’s fashion runways – it was in everything, from Scottish kilts to suits. In the 70s plaid became synonymous with a sexy and rebellious style following the arrival of Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazard and punk music in Britain. Being in line with this trend can be as simple as a cool scarf or you can really go for it and make it a bigger aspect of your look.


3. Metal

In true Ziggy stardust glam rock fashion, metallic tones were on the runways. Glittery lurex trousers that were once a staple have inspired designers and resulted in metal features and tones being in many fashion shows. Look out for edgy metal-embellished dresses or metal elements on tops when you’re doing your winter wardrobe update. Men can combine two trends in one with designer metallic bomber jackets or opt for metal detailing on jumpers. For women, shimmery vintage party dresses is the easiest way to recreate this, although there will be an abundance of modern alternatives around. With Christmas not too far away, you can easily get away with a lot of sparkle or metallic, which makes this 70s trend perfect for A/W 2016/17.

And if you really want to embrace the 70s, head to your vintage shops to look for original pieces!

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